Top Murderers

Many people believe that top murderers are found only on the streets, operating as drug dealers and gang members. However, the rise of the deep web has shifted the playing ground for top hitmen. For only a few thousand dollars, you can hire top murderers from the deep web. This article does not in any way promote the use of hitmen to kill people, but the information here is for informational purposes only.

Unlike the past where people could hire hitmen from local gangs, there are ex-military personnel and former police officers who have taken professional hitman as a full time gig. And these people have gradually become some of the top murderers around. Operating from sites such as Sicilian Hitmen, the murderers are available in almost all states in the country, with some independent contractors taking overseas assignments. So, what does it take to hire the top hitmen? While most hitmen on these sites are assigned local jobs to kill ordinary people, top murderers are more preferred to nail high profile targets. And their price is obviously higher, ranging from $10,000 to $30,000.

One may have wondered about the steep rise in street killings and other instances of kill-and-run incidents over the recent past. It is clear that the number of hitmen operating from the deep web is rising, and so does the cases of murder across the country. While law enforcement agencies are busy pursuing real and imagined terrorists, professional hitmen are having a field play, killing hundreds of people for money. It is our duty to blow the whistle and direct police attention where it is most needed.