Top Hitmen

These are the top sites to hire hitmen on deep web

We provide this information with the hope that police will close them down.

We do NOT encourage anyone to order murder on these sites. This site is for informational purposes only and to fight these sites that should be closed by FBI

Number 1 and most dangerous is.

The Camorra Hitmen.

2dsfjelfbxdjnjtp.onion  This is the top hitmen site with the largest network of hitmen wordwide and the most affordable prices. Should be closed by FBI asap. Provided by the camorra mafia in Italy, this site has hitmen in all countries, and does not ask for any customer details, no name, no address, no credit card.

The customers can hide their IP, and pay via a secure way, Bitcoin

Number 2. VeniceMan Killer Hitman Service


This is a Dark web site that can help you to hire a hitman for any type killing, damages, Fires, Rape, More.

Number 3. The Mechanic

Website admin offer hitman service worldwide and payment accepted only in money or Bitcoins. According to the site, if you want to complete any job then The Mechanic need victim physical address, most recent image. For more information like email address, PGP key visits the mechanic site.

Number 4. Slayers Assassination

http://zy3dkytcaubkq2y3.onion/ – Hitman – Slayers Assassination and Life Running Service – Another deep web hitman service site tht also dealing in assassination by guns, knife, poison, painless poison, death torture and life tuining by acid attack, facial scar, crippling, blindning, castration and lot more.

The sites above can be visited with the Tor Browser

We are not promoting these websites our purpose it to expose it so that police can shut it down

They offer a range of premium services like arson, assault, murder, cheap guns, e.t.c. I was most interested in hitmen for hire and the site has hundreds of them. My next question was, why would anyone get to the point of paying to get someone killed? Is this the best method of seeking justice, or is it purely out of vengeance? Well, to me it sounds absurd. But wait until you see the kind of traffic getting to these sites. Hundreds of people are using the Tor browser to access the site. I’m not sure how many are doing it for informational purposes like myself. But I can get a good chunk of them are genuinely looking for their services. Have our justice systems failed? Don’t we have law enforcement agencies to handle such issues?

Like many people visiting the deep web, those accessing murder for hire sites are not looking for justice. They have their reasons to have someone somewhere dead for good. From people seeking to kill their managers, others looking to kill prosecutors, and even some looking to kill their wives or husbands. Well, the intent for such actions is a debate for another day.