Top Hitmen

On an unusual troll on the deep web, I decided to look at sites offering top hitmen for murder services. Well, I had no intention of seeking their services. Nobody in my circle deserves such an unnatural death. In this regard, kindly note that this article is for informational purposes only and I’m not encouraging anyone to seek murder-for-hire services. However, I thought it would be good to look at this seemingly new and expanding industry where thousands of disgruntled people are turning to hire hitmen.


A quick search leads you to sites like Sicilian Hitmen operating from the deep web. They offer a range of premium services like arson, assault, murder, cheap guns, e.t.c. I was most interested in hitmen for hire and the site has hundreds of them. My next question was, why would anyone get to the point of paying to get someone killed? Is this the best method of seeking justice, or is it purely out of vengeance? Well, to me it sounds absurd. But wait until you see the kind of traffic getting to these sites. Hundreds of people are using the Tor browser to access the site. I’m not sure how many are doing it for informational purposes like myself. But I can get a good chunk of them are genuinely looking for their services. Have our justice systems failed? Don’t we have law enforcement agencies to handle such issues?

Like many people visiting the deep web, those accessing murder for hire sites are not looking for justice. They have their reasons to have someone somewhere dead for good. From people seeking to kill their managers, others looking to kill prosecutors, and even some looking to kill their wives or husbands. Well, the intent for such actions is a debate for another day. If you have already thought about the consequences of murder and decided it is time to go for it, then you can look for sites like Sicilian Hitmen or Chulhu Resume. I cannot advice you on what to expect after making the order but just remember to hide your identity using the Tor browser. And if possible never give any of your personal details, otherwise, you will spend the rest of your life in an isolated prison cell.