Russian Mafia Legit Not Fake Deep Web

While many might argue that Russian Mafia is just a fake website, the site continues to enlist hitmen from around the world to conduct real assassination plots.  The group is managed by the Mafia groups from Russia and Albania and they have continued to expand their network around the world. There is an urgent need of action against this group in order to tame their criminal activities and bring an end to merciless killings.

What does this Russian Mafia do?

The group is responsible for various criminal activities from the professional killings, assaults, arson, robberies, cyber crime, and many more. It has a platform where criminals can register and find the clients to work for. This has enabled the Russian Mafia to become a high-end crime-syndicate in the world.

How are hitmen added to the network?

The hitmen only need to register on the site and complete a test order. The test may involve killing a designated target, looting, assault, or arson. Once they upload a video proof, they are accepted and can receive orders from customers.  Many undercover cops have tried to register as fake clients but the Russian Mafia puts up daunting tasks such as killings which cannot be performed by these undercover cops.

How the transfer of money takes place:

The transfer of money takes place via the use of the bitcoin which is very tough to decipher in case the users have hidden their IP. From the bitcoin platform, the money is transferred into the different money-transfer platforms such as PayPal from where the hitman can withdraw through the bank.

Why is it so tough to close down?

The police are finding it quite difficult to trace the owners of Russian Mafia because the site is operated from the deep web. The website is accessible only through the tor browser and by blocking the use of this browser, it may be a first step in reigning on this illegal website.

In addition to this, the police can also block receiving of large payments from undisclosed sources. In many cases, such payments come illegal activities. These are just but a few of the urgent actions that the police need to take in order to tame these sites.

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