Hire a Hitman to Resolve Your Problems, and Other Stupid Ideas


So your neighbor is a gigantic douche. Everyone knows someone like that. A man or woman that is just a complete piece of crap. They can be frustrating as it gets, and there is really only one solution to the problem – hire a hitman.
That makes perfect sense. Have them bumped off. Pay thousands of dollars to some person to just break into their home and kill them.
Or how about that douche at work that is always getting promoted ahead of you, and the only reason he does is his lips have touched more butts than a toilet seat. Hire a hitman and have that guy killed as well. Come on, it’s the perfect solution.
Sound stupid? Of course it is. You just don’t look in the yellow pages for a guy to kill your boss, neighbor or romantic rival. And if you did find one what is to stop them from taking your money and turning on you? Nothing. Now it sounds like a really stupid idea.
This isn’t the only stupid idea out there. There are a lot related to revenge that people think are good ideas. Slashing someone’s tires, keying their car, or putting sugar in someone’s gas tank are all ideas for the truly simple minded. Yes, they are less lethal, but still downright stupid.
Here’s a really stupid idea for you. This woman was mad that this other couple bought the house that she wanted to buy. They didn’t even know her. They just got the bid in that the owner liked best. The woman was such a douche that she got “even” with them by posting ads on Craigslist telling men that she was the owner of the house and that she wanted to be raped. She encouraged men to break in and rape her while she was sleeping. Of course, she was not the owner, and wanted to see this poor woman that did not even know her get raped.
You may say that is truly stupid but to go and hire a hitman is just as dumb. You aren’t James Bond or a member of the CIA, so you don’t need to be bumping people off to save the world from evil forces. So what about the kiss butt guy at work? Let it go. If he wants brown lips for the rest of his life, more power to him.

What Kind of Person Hires a Killer?


We see these stories in the paper or on television all the time. A person goes out and hires someone to bump off their archrival or someone they see standing in their way. The stories are always sensational. A mother who hires a hitman to kill the mother of her daughter’s cheerleading rival. A man who seeks to hire a killer to bump of his wife so he can collect money. The stories are out there.
Many are outraged at these stories and wonder how someone could do this, but it begs the question, “What kind of person hires a killer?” Could things get so bad that almost anyone would choose to do this? The answer may truly surprise you.

According to the Department of Justice, the number one reason that a person would hire a killer is for personal progression. Whether it is to bump off a spouse so they can collect a big insurance policy or marry someone else, kill a co-worker so they can take their position, or have a partner killed so they can take sole credit for an idea or invention, this is the primary reason why a person would go to the point of deciding that killing another person, and paying someone to do it, was a perfectly acceptable idea.

This is not the only reason, however. Others do this for revenge. They have been wronged in some way and want to get even with the person who has wronged them. There are also those who do it to scare the rest of the members of a family. They are basically telling that family that if they can kill their husband or aunt then the whole family better understand that they could be next.

These all sound like ideas that average person would not reach out to hire a hitman for, but there is one category that many of us might be able to see ourselves tempted to make this choice – protection. We have all seen the stories where a kid in high school hires some tough guy to keep bullies away from him or her. Movies like My Bodyguard were quite popular and espoused this very idea.
Well, many adults are finding that they still have this same mentality and that they are facing bullies later in life. The option is to have them killed off to end the torment. While it still is quite extreme, there are probably plenty of us that can see a situation where we might do this, especially if a child of yours was being bullied. It still may seem crazy to do so, but there just may very well be a good reason why you would hire a killer.

What Many Do to Try to Get Ahead


The Hitmen Network is a dark web website where people could hire hitmen online.

The site seems to be down at the moment, however there are other hitmen network sites that are unfortunately up, such as C’thulhu Resume and the Sicilian Mob

If C’thulhu resume is rather expensive, with hits starting at $30 000 and up, the Sicilian Mob has a large network of criminals and gang members that provide services from $5000 and up

To avoid being arrested, customers of these kind of sites never provide details about themselves, and they never pay with credit cards.

Payment is always done with Bitcoin, through an escrow. The escrow acts as a middle man between the customer and the hitman, ensuring that neither party rip off the other

Sicilian Mob, as many other sites have an escrow system built in, protecting customers and hitmen .

Most American films and television have murders and hitmen, but in reality the hitmen are not as fancy as in the movies. It does not matter what country a person is talking about, there are those who would hire an assassin to kill their rival to get further up, especially if it is for a government position.

Hitmen, prostitution and espionage are as old as humanity itself. Humans have a cruel habit of killing other humans, and those we can’t do it themselves hire some other people to do it.

There are literally thousands of instances throughout history where someone went to hire an assassin to kill their political rival so that they could be king, emperor, prime minister, a senator, or other government official. This happened in the Roman Empire all the time, and there is even a pretty credible belief that it has gone by men who wanted to be Pope. For real! There were popes that had people assassinated. Doesn’t sound very holy does it?

The murder for hire route is one that so many find is the perfect alternative. They don’t want to wait around for the position to open to them, and the most sensible thing seems to be, at least to them, to kill off the person who is standing in their way so that they can take the position they feel they are so much better equipped to own.

Think about it for a minute. This is how Julius Caesar as well as many other Roman emperors died. This is how kings throughout Europe’s history lost their throne. In some cases, the military establishment even killed off a ruler because they viewed him as incompetent or dangerous. This happened to the Emperor Nero, and many believe it has happened in China’s history. It is the solution that seems to resolve the problem.

Of course, the person who hatches the murder for hire plot is going on the assumption that the people will like them in power more than the one that they had killed. That sometimes proves to be a faulty assumption. It is also likely that if someone employs this tactic to gain power for themselves that someone else will use that same idea against them. The idea of what you reap you sow.

Murder is always an ugly mess, and there are rarely instances where the hiring of an assassin to kill of a political rival works all neat and clean. It may seem like a perfect solution, but it is truly ugly business.

Hitmen for hire sites exposed, how to fight them.


There are several Hitmen for Hire sites on the Internet, some, like hire-a-killer .com are obviously fake. They take credit cards; who would pay a killer with a credit card risking to expose his information to some unknown site?

Others like Sicilian Mob are real and charge between $5000 to $200 000 for murder depending on target and difficulty of the job .

The Sicilian Mob hitmen for hire site is a dangerous marketplace that can be accessed with the Tor Browser at lembprdcizxtftpa.onion . This is a special onion address accessible only in Tor Browser, it won’t work with other browsers.

Anyone who wishes to access sites on deep web should use the Tor Browser

The Sicilian mob site is basically an eBay for illegal services, allowing gang members worldwide to signup and provide services, and customers can signup and purchase services.

This is for informational purposes only, we do not encourage anyone to hire their services. In fact we are fighting all such hitmen for hire sites, and we expose them to media with the goal of raising concern and helping getting them closed down.

Some say that murder for hire is only in the movies, but that is unfortunately not true.

Customers and gang members hide their IP while accessing such sites, and they also do payments in Bitcoin, a digital currency that is hard to track.

After Silk Road made millions of dollars in 2013 by providing drug dealers with a way to sell their drugs online, many mafia organizations released sites on Deep Web to offer various services, including drugs, guns, counterfeit currency, and fake ids, as well as body harm services.

These sites are difficult to close by FBI and law enforcement because their IP is hidden and their hosting is offshore. Many sites stay low and fly under the radar, relying of word of mouth to get new customers, without allowing search engines to index them. This is why we come and mention them, to get attention of media and get them offline.

Customers do not give their real names, address or credit card when ordering drugs, guns or killing online. Instead, they use Bitcoin as the form of payment because bitcoin is stored in digital wallets that are not tied to a name. After one sends bitcoin to a different wallet, that person can spend it on whatever he wants, no one knowing who he is.

Bitcoin is a curency that allows escrow transactions, meaning that the receiver can not use the funds until the job is done.

Apart of their members, gang members from all over the world signup to provide services, getting 80% of the price paid by customers, while the Chechen Mob gets 20% .

How to Hire a Contract Killer and Never Get Caught?

There are several sites on the net where one can hire real hitmen, most of them are hidden from public but we are going to present them here, not to help murderers but to help law enforcement learn about it to close them down .

For example Camorra Hitmen, the italian mafia has a real marketplace on deep web that charge between $5000 to $200 000 for murder depending on who is the target and how difficulty the job is .

On their site on dark web customers can get together with hitmen online via a secure encrypted platform, to communicate and give orders.

Dark Web is a part of the internet used by hackers, tiefs, hitmen and cybercriminals, the difference is that the sites on dark web do not have a .com or .net domain, instead they have an .onion domain that can not be accessed with regular browsers.

You can learn more about dark web on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_web

The dark web can only be accessed with the free Tor Browser, you can download it here https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en

After you downloaded the Tor Browser, you can copy paste this address to the Tor Browser to access the Camorra Hitmen site on deep web: 2dsfjelfbxdjnjtp.onion

Note that .onion domain names can not be accessed in regular browsers such as Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Also, if you run a WHOIS search on an .onion domain name it will not show up any registratar information, nor web hosting, nor IP, all .onion websites are hidden websites that can not be shut down by law enforcement, or at least not easily.

These kind of sites are anonymous, and their users are anonymous as well.

Customers never provide their name, address, email, phone number or credit card.

They only give information about the target. The payment is done with bitcoin, an anonymous currency through a secure escrow, after the job has been done

Anyone who has at least $5000 can order a murder only by giving target information, in a fully anonymous and secure way.

The site has a large network of hitmen in most countries, and they will assign a hitman from the same country as the target to go and do the order.

It’s just as easy as visiting 2dsfjelfbxdjnjtp.onion ( accessible only with the Tor Browser ) while signing up with an username that doesn’t contain your real name, providing target information, adding bitcoin to a special escrow and the job will be done, after that you release the bitcoins to the site.

Because the Camorra Hitmen platform on dark web is real, similar to other platforms on deep web such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darknet_market the law enforcement is trying continously to shut it down and it runs denial of service attacks that make the site unnaccesible at some times

If sometimes the site is not accessible, visitors usually try again later .

We do not promote these sites and we DO NOT ENCOURAGE anyone to do murder, notice ordering murder is illegal and we advice anyone against killing

Note: is not recommended to search on google about keywords for hitmen or other related to this. Assuming you are a honest user who don’t want to murder anyone, you should get an eracer tracks software and erase the tracks on your pc

Don’t talk on forums about hiring hitmen, and don’t search about hiring hitmen online, if you did searched for these you should stop; one search is not a problem as you can say you did it from curiosity but many searches could indicate you want to murder someone and that is not good

The articles, pictures and videos on this site are for informational purposes ONLY, and as attempt from us to make them public for the reason to get FBI and other authorities to close them down.

Because of our continuous efforts to fight these murder for hire sites we have several murder for hire sites closed down by FBI.

We will continue to fight them and expose them to the public and media until they are closed down completely

Do not contact hitmen sites asking if they are real, all hitmen sites will say they are real even those that aren’t

Do not talk on forums about hitmen sites, note that law enforcement can post messages claiming that hitmen sites are fake to discourage users from using such sites

They are not the slick hitmen from movies, instead these hitmen are low lever gang members or drug dealers desperate for money who are willing to drive to locations within 400-500 miles to kill someone by handgun.

They don’t travel Internationally, don’t have fake documents and for this they are doing the job very cheap

On these sites like the Camorra Hitmen, customers don’t give their names, address, email addresses or other info that could track them down.

Unfortunattely this site is not a honeypot, because customers are anonymous.

What good would do to police to set up a honeypot if they don’t know who the customers are? Is hard to guess who is the customer if someone would have only the target info, as any person can have many ennemies

Customers also hide their IP address with the Tor Browser, a tool that use encryption and intermediate nodes to hide the IP of users.

The site is claiming they store all orders and messages encrypted.

And unfortunattely this allows people who want to do killing for money to signup and do services for money.

The site is real and dangerous, hence our calls for authorities to close them downhitmen-deep-web

The killers there are obviously no kids, but instead are young dumb people who are dangeruous because they are stupid enouch to actually go and kill the targets for low amounts of money

Camorra Hitmen is only asking for the target address, picture and a date when they can find him there. They usually use a stolen car or renter car on fake id to watch the target a few days to see the habits and then a day they do the hit

This is very real mob who should be shut down by police so please share the videos and their method of work so that people get alarmed enough to put pressure on government to close them

Anyone who wishes to access sites on deep web should use the Tor Browser

The Tor Browser hides the IP of the visitors and helps them visit sites anonymously.

When paying for guns, drugs and hitmen online people use escrow, they basically put the bitcoin into their private wallet on the site, and the money stays there until the job is completed.

The Camorra Hitmen has a website on deep web since 2012 and they are not promoting it on clear net to avoid drawing attention to them.

Apart of their members, gang members from all over the world signup to provide services, getting 80% of the price paid by customers, while the Camorra Hitmen gets 20% .