Murder for Hire

Easy Access To Hit Man – Dangerous For Others

Nowadays, you can get almost every product and service online but can you think that you can hire a killer online. These criminals operate via dark web which makes it hard to trace them. In addition they do not accept wire transfer or credit card payments, as these payment methods can help to trace them. People can easily access their website and hence the criminal activities are increasing to a great extent and making the world a hard place to live for others.


One of the basic reasons, why the police or any other authority is not able to stop the functioning of the website is that even the undercover cops cannot have access to the site. For signing in as a hit man one needs to pass a particular test. In addition, these cops can also not sign in as a customer, because they will have to submit the details of the target. Submitting the details of the target can put the cops in great danger as there is a high risk of the target being killed even under the protection of the police. In addition, the hit man may come to know that the target is being protected by the police.

In addition, there is no disclosure of any sort of personal information between the hit man and the customers. There is no personal contact between the hit man and the customer. Hence, in case the hit man is caught, which is quite impossible as they are the professional criminals, the customer cannot be known. On the contrary if police gets to know who has hired the hit man, then also they cannot have access to hit man.

This site should be closed as it is not only increasing the rate of crime but promoting violet activities.