Is There Really Such a Thing as the Russian Mafia?

It seems that the media really sensationalizes things. They can take an idea and present it like it is the whole truth. They get people to believe it, even when there is no validity to it, and never really try to set the record straight. Whether it’s a super animal that no one ever heard of before or the Lochness monster, the media has no issues with misleading people.


While this is true in many cases, there are times when their sensational ideas are absolutely true. They do get it right sometimes, and this is the case with the Russian Mafia.
For those who have never heard of this group before, this is a group of hitmen ready to kill for money. While they are termed as a mafia, the truth is that this is not an international syndicate working across the globe, at least not according to the FBI.

They view this as an association in name only, where many claim to be part of the Russian Mafia when they are nothing more than a freelancer or a person looking to build a reputation for themselves. According to law enforcement officials, those who align themselves with this group and who are truly living as members do not mind the wannabees who try to affiliate themselves with the group. They believe this diminishes the authenticity of the underworld group, making it seem more like a myth than reality. That there are doubters does not bother them at all.

This group has found ways to communicate with each other and with clients through the internet, most notably through encrypted social media sites and the dark web. Here, they can talk almost openly about jobs and ideas without fear of getting caught. In fact, groups like ISIS are not the only ones taking advantage of these encrypted social media sites. Those who perform murder for hire are finding an easy ground to interact and share ideas, as well as meet a large number of customers looking to hire killers. Since the sites do not share their users’ information and law enforcement cannot access the sites themselves, these dialogs can go on unchecked.

There will still be doubters and to those who truly align themselves with this group that is fine. They like the description by people that they are fake, because it keeps the police less concerned about them.

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