How to kill your wife

It’s really a crazy world. I have come across hordes of people seeking to get rid of the people they once loved to a fault. The reasons are many, from the desire to claim insurance payouts, the need to take full custody of the children, to the mere desire to get rid of the nagging wife. I’m not which of these reasons have led you here. But if you really wish to kill your wife, you should consider getting a divorce as the first option. The problem is that if the kids are below the adult age, you can be assured that the court will grant their full custody to your wife. This is where most people see murder as the best option since you will automatically get full custody for the children. But you need to be prepared to live with the guilt forever.

Taking someone’s life is not as easy as it sounds. If fact, don’t be surprised if suicide becomes your constant feeling afterwards. I’m not insinuating that killing someone is a good idea, but if you are really decided and you want to really kill her; then the next option might be hiring a professional contract killer. Looking for such person is not a walk in the park, otherwise, you could easily fall prey to an undercover cop and your next destination is prison. To avoid falling into a police trap, you can hire a contract killer online, in an anonymous way, from dark web, the internet of criminals where goods like drugs, guns, counterfeit items and stolen credit cards are available at small prices.

There are a number of sites offering murder for hire, like chulhu resume, hitman network, and Sicilian hitmen. Sicilian Hitmen seems to be the leading source of hired hitmen. Like the rest, it operates from the deep web and it is only accessible through the Tor browser. The charges range between $5000 and $20,000. If you look at their reviews, there is no doubt that they have skilled hitmen ready to handle all murder-for-hire services. But why would you pay several thousand bucks to commit murder? I believe no sane person would do that. There are many moral ways of terminating that nasty marriage. Like simply packing your belongings and hitting the frame. You can simply act like that person never existed. I mean, there is more to life than just being in a fulfilling marriage. I know it may not be an easy thing, but then again, life is more important. However, I have pointed to you some of the unethical ways of ending that relationship. The choice is yours, as are the consequences. Good luck!