How to kill someone and get away with it

Ever wondered about getting someone killed and avoid jail? It is very much possible. Wait, I;m not asking anyone to kill and expect to get away with it. You must be prepared to live with the consequences. Whether spending a lifetime in prison, in case you are nabbed, or living with the guilt forever. None of the two choices appears the better…right? Now, talking about killing someone and getting away with it does not necessarily mean bribing the prosecutors. Neither does it mean running away from justice. I’m talking about the new trend on the deep web where users can hire a hitman to kill a person. Given that the customer is unknown to the hitman, there are absolutely no chances of being caught.

Customers seeking these services only need to sign-up on the website and place their request, giving as much details as possible about the target. That may seem easier, especially if the person is well known to you. Once the money has been deposited in your personal wallet on the site, the hitman hits the road and the target is down in about a month or so. It is at this point that the money is released to the hitman. Given that there are many registered hitmen, there is some kind of competition for the next available order, and you can expect to have the job done in less than the stipulated time. All this time, the customer goes on with life, perhaps even traveling out of town to minimize any suspicion. The hitmen are well-trained and hardly leave any traces of evidence at the scene of crime. No wonder why you hear about murders on the streets with no available suspect or trail.

It is clear that the person authorizing and paying for the murder in this case gets away without being caught. In the unlikely event that the hitmen is nabbed, he cannot say who sent him since no personal details are shared between the customer and the hitman. Furthermore, customers use the Tor browser to access the site, thereby hiding their IP addresses. Payments are also made using bitcoins, a cryptocurrency whose transactions cannot be traced. Some of these sites are so rich that they can easily bail their ‘workers’ in court. So, before you think about it, the hitman is already on the next available mission. This seems to be the easiest way of getting away with murder. But note that even though you may use a hitman to get rid of your rival and avoid prison, the guilt will certainly haunt your conscience for life.