How to Hire a Hitman

Firstly, let me make it clear that this article is not meant to encourage anyone to murder. Killing of an innocent person is not only unethical, but also immoral and illegal. However, research on the deep web reveals that there are various sites offering hitmen for hire. It may sound unreal but the truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of professional killers, some may be gang members from the streets, but there are also hordes of ex-police and former military personnel offering to kill for just a few thousand dollars.

So, how does it go? Well, you only need to sign-up on the various sites in the deep web and hire a hitman. Given that almost all of the sites offering hitmen for hire operate from within the deep web, users need to use the Tor browser to access the sites. You will be amazed to find that the black market on the Internet does not just provide cheap guns, drugs, and other illicit drugs. You can actually come across a hitman for hire who will nail your target for just a few thousand bucks.

Despite numerous crackdowns by law enforcement agencies such as the recent case with Silk Road, there are sites such as the Russian Mafia that have registered hitmen waiting to pull that trigger for nothing but money. Once you have loaded the Tor browser, you can sign-up on one of these sites and talk directly with the nearest available hitman. Yes, these sites have hitmen in almost all states. Some even offer to execute targets in foreign countries, but of course, at a higher price. The mode of payment is the bitcoin since the transactions are secure and discreet. The next step involves giving the hitman the identification details for the target. This may include some photos, location, place of work, popular leisure joints, e.t.c. Since the sites use an escrow service, the money will be released to the hitman only after the job has been done. The preparation and execution of the target person may take between two weeks to a month.

The cost of hiring a hitman varies depending on the unique circumstances of the job. For instance, some targets may take a little while to locate. Yet, others may have bodyguards, requiring the use of more professional hitmen. However, you can expect to pay between $5000 and $30,000. The killing of high-value targets may cost in excess of $80,000. People in this category may include celebrities, government officials, lawyers, prosecutors, or high-ranking business managers.

Once again, may aim is not to incite anyone to murder, but just to make it known that there are hundreds of sites offering hitmen-for-hire services. While some may be dismissed as scams, there are legit sites that actually execute targets as per the client’s specifications. It is time that the police face these sites with the seriousness that they deserve.