How to Hire a Contract Killer and Never Get Caught?

There are several sites on the Internet where one can hire hitmen. Some sites, like hire-a-killer .com are jokes as they take credit cards; who would pay a killer with a credit card?

Others are real and charge between $5000 to $200 000 for murder depending on target and difficulty of the job .

To access their site one need to download the Tor Browser, this is a free browser used by millions of people worldwide, and access their homepage at http://lembprdcizxtftpa.onion . ( accessible only with the Tor Browser ) This is a special onion address accessible only in Tor Browser, it won’t work with other browsers.

The site uses an invitation system to ensure that only people who are referred by happy customers get into the system, and not just any other curios person.

We got our hands on an invitation code from someone who claims to be a happy customer, though we don’t know how long it will work. Here is the code JDK329

To view their site with Internet Explorer or Firefox or other browsers, one can use a mirror site like  .Please note this is a mirror made by the domain, is always best to download Tor and access deep web directly when you want to view sites.

The articles, pictures and videos on this site are for informational purposes ONLY, and our sole aim is to make them public so that the FBI and other authorities can close them down.

We will continue to fight them and expose them to the public and media until they are closed down completely.

They are not the slick hitmen from movies, instead, these hitmen are low lever gang members or drug dealers desperate for money and are willing to drive to locations within 400-500 miles to kill someone by handgun.

They don’t travel Internationally, don’t have fake documents and hence the reason for their low charges.

On these sites, customers don’t give their names, address, email addresses or other information that could be used to track them down.

Customers also hide their IP addresses using the Tor Browser, a tool that use encryption and intermediate nodes to hide the IP of its users. Furthermore, site administrators assure their customers that they store all orders and messages encrypted.

Without any fear for law enforcement agencies, these sites are continuously enlisting hitmen and assigning them the various orders placed by the customers.

The sites are real and dangerous, hence our calls for authorities to close them down.

The killers there are obviously not kids, but young, dumb people who are stupid enough to actually go and kill the targets for low amounts of money.

This is a very real mob who should be shut down by police, so please share the videos and their method of work so that people get alarmed enough to put pressure on government to close them

Anyone who wishes to access such sites on deep web should use the Tor Browser.

The Tor Browser hides the IP of the visitors and enables them to visit sites anonymously.

When paying for guns, drugs and hitmen online, people use escrow services that basically put the bitcoin into their private wallet on the site, and the money stays there until the job is completed.

Apart from the customers, gang members from all over the world sign-up to provide services, getting 80% of the price paid by customers, while the Hitmen gets 20% .

The website should be closed down by the FBI.