Hire an Assassin


The hitmen sites, which is now been active for more than three years is turning out to be a very destructive one as it facilitates its  customers to hire a killer without describing their personal information. The group is very threatening to the security of the residents all across the world as it has got its agents in all corners of the world. We as a group are completely against these activities and want the group to be completely shut down by the police and authorities to have a stop on various criminal activities that are carried out by them.


The internet has led to an increase in the criminal activities as it has made way too simple for anyone to Hire an Assassin and get anyone killed.

In USA alone, there have been 5000 homicides and the group is responsible for a major share of these homicides. The recent statistics have revealed that the people are finding this method way easier and safe for them.

The things that can land you in trouble while hiring a killer or hitman is the transfer of money and his statement in case he gets caught.

All the transactions take place in the form of bitcoin that is absolutely impossible for the investigating authorities to trace. One can get a private wallet for keeping the bitcoin on some platforms like libertyx.com and transact their money privately. For the hitman also, it is really easy to transfer the money from his bitcoin wallet to the other accounts without giving anyone a sniff.

At the same time, there is no interaction between the killer and the customers which makes it safe for them in case one of them gets caught by the police as he cannot recognize the other one.