Hire an Assassin

Russian Mafia -The Criminal Network That Is Terrorizing The World

The Russian Mafia group, which has been active for more than three years now stands out as the leading source of hitmen-for-hire, responsible for both low- and high-profile murders. The group has become a real threat to security as the hitmen continue to kill with impunity, of course, for money. With the security agencies seemingly unperturbed by the proliferation of hitmen, the new cliche of killers are having a playground in the deeb web. It is time that we expose these sites and call urgent attention to the police to move fast and close them down before the next victim falls to the hitman’s bullet.


The internet has led to an increase in the criminal activities as it has made way too simple for anyone to Hire an Assassin and get anyone killed. The Russian Mafia is a major criminal network that has assisted all these criminal activities, and with each passing day, it is becoming more and more dangerous. The police have also tried to get in the website of the Russian Mafia but since it is operated from the dark web, no meaningful action has been taken. The lack of personal information from both the hitmen and the customers has made it hard for law enforcers to make any meaningful arrests.

That has encouraged the Russian Mafia as they are doing one homicide after another. In USA alone, there have been 5000 homicides and we believe the group is responsible for a major share of these homicides. The recent statistics have revealed more and more people are turning to professional hitmen to get justice instead of following the conventional judicial processes.

Why it is that much safe?

The only thing that can land you in trouble while hiring a killer or hitman is the transfer of money using personal payment details. However, the Russian Mafia seems very much aware of this vulnerability and has made all transactions with customers and hitmen completely anonymous.

All the transactions take place in the form of bitcoin that is absolutely impossible for the investigating authorities to trace. One can get a private wallet for keeping the bitcoin on some platforms like libertyx.com and transact their money privately. For the hitman also, it is really easy to transfer the money from the bitcoin wallet to the other accounts without leaving any trail.

At the same time, there is no interaction between the killer and the customers which makes it safe for them in case one of them gets caught by the police as no one can incriminate the other.