Hire a Killer

Russian Mafia Is Real:  It’s Not A Game

Criminals are taking advantage of the internet to expand their network and entice people with hitmen-for-hire services at extremely low prices. Unlike the conventional paying gangs on the street to kill people, the online portals are awash with highly trained hitmen, some of whom may be ex-police or ex-military personnel. Most of these sites are not easily accessible from the clearnet because they operate from the dark web and they are not indexed by the common search engines.  Once there, the advertisements are even more shocking. From  contract killing, kidnapping, and robbery to bombing, assaults, and arson. Almost every known crime goes, just for money.

Online killing contract

On the Russian Mafia, for example,  the customer can easily hire a Killer by paying out their fees and sharing the information of the person who is to be assassinated. The preferred mode of payment is bitcoin, the new cryptocurrency that is not regulated by any financial authorities. The transactions are safe, secure, and irreversible. These websites prefer the use of Bitcoins because the transactions cannot be traced back to them. There are no credit card details, bank account details, or even email addresses.  The main advantage of hiring the online killer is that there is no way by which the identity or any information about the customer can be revealed. It is easy for the customers to buy the bitcoins from the various trading platforms and make the payment for the killing once the job is done. It is a sad story, and the worrying thing is that law enforcement agencies appears out-smarted by these cartels.

Bridging the gap between the criminals and the customers


For the common man, it is difficult to hire the contractors for killing or harming others. There is greater risk of revealing their identity and information about them. But the availability of websites like Russian Mafia has bridged the gap between killer and the customers. These websites act like the interaction medium for them which they effectively use to carry on their criminal activities. There is no restriction whether you are hiring the killer for doing your job in your country or anywhere else in the world. Once they take the contract, they ensure to complete their job anyhow within the time limit they have set for their job done.

Get the ban on dark websites

Despite basing their operations on the dark web, these sites can still be clamped down, but this calls for more collaboration between the government and cyber security experts. In the meantime, our aim is to let people know that hitmen-for-hire websites are not always a scam. They could be the main reason behind the rising number of unexplained murders in the country.