Hire a Killer

Russian Mafia Is Real:  It’s Not A Game

Criminals are taking help of the internet channel to spread their network and cater their criminal services around the world. One of the most heard is Russian Mafia which is a powerful criminal group which operates its criminal activities around the world via deep web. Their website may not be visible to you on the internet, but you can’t deny their presence on the web. They are present on the internet via some hidden IPs and dark websites which are not easily accessible to the people. They shrewdly operate their online portals to carry out the criminal activities like contract killing, kidnapping, robbery, bomb blasting and various others. Their main intention to operate on the web is to easily offer their services to the common people and spread their network all round the globe.

Online killing contract

Russian Mafia makes it accessible for the people to take their services for killing someone. The customer can easily hire a Killer by paying out their fees and sharing the information of the person who is to be assassinated. For making the payments bit coin is used by them, it prevents the authorities to trace the location of killers, identity of killers and customers who has hired them. The main advantage of hiring the online killer is that there is no source by which the identity or any information about the customer can be revealed. It is easy for the customers to buy the bit coin from the different websites and put them for the payment to the killer.

Bridging the gap between the criminals and the customers


For the common man, it is difficult to hire the contractors for killing or harming others. There is greater risk of revealing their identity and information about them. But the availability of websites like Russian Mafia has reduced the gap between killer and the customers. These websites act like the interaction medium for them which they effectively use to carry on their criminal activities. There is no restriction whether you are hiring the killer for doing your job in your country or anywhere else in the world. Once they take the contract, they ensure to complete their job anyhow within the time limit they have set for their job done.

Get the ban on dark websites

The only way to reduce the crime from the world is to destroy every channel which they use for communication. The police and cyber cops should put their collaborative efforts to ban websites on the dark web.