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Russian Mafia Really Exists And They Are Expanding Their Network

Criminal websites like Russian Mafia are flourishing these days and they are greatly being used by the people to fulfill their criminal desires. It is the responsibility of both the government and the common people to put their effort in banning of the criminal websites. Initially, when the reports came about Russian Mafia , many people thought it as a rumor. But it is true that they exist. The government of all the nations should impose ban on this dark website which is not easily tracked by the cyber crime experts. Experts are finding it difficult to decipher that website and block it so that common people cannot access it, as they are opened only on the tor browser.

Illegal activities via web

It is not astonishing if you come to know about the operation of the criminal world online. Criminal world is much bigger than it is expected and its network is not limited to only one or two countries instead, it is spread around the world. There are millions of people who are directly or indirectly involved with the criminal groups around the world. Now, the criminals too are utilizing the internet technology to get their jobs done. The introduction of Russian Mafia is the proof of their services which are available on internet.  In a report, the online Mafia are said to be responsible for the huge number of homicides around the world.

Network is getting bigger

Russian Mafia is the online portal which offers the facility to the customers to hire a hitman for getting their jobs done efficiently and without leaving any proof or traces behind which can trouble them. Due to secrecy and less risk to get caught, every day hundreds of criminals or hitman are being added on the online criminal portal. In this way, the network of the criminals is getting bulkier each day. It is every easy to get added on the online criminal portal. The criminals can easily get them registered with Russian Mafia website. Once their application is approved, they have to undertake a criminal test. This test is not like the common test. In this type of test, the courage, skills, willing to sacrifice life, emotional strength is noticed. The applicants are asked to perform any of the criminal tasks assigned to them. Once they succeed in completing the task, they are added as the member of the criminal world.

This website should be banned in order to bring down the rate of the homicides. It is not a scam and it poses a serious threat to the community.

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