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Sicilian Mafia Really Exists And They Are Expanding Their Network

Criminal websites like Sicilian Hitmen are flourishing on the deep web with more and more people finding an easy to get rid of their enemies and avoid jail. We believe It is the responsibility of both the government and the common people to put their effort in taming these criminal dens. Initially, when the reports came about Russian Mafia , many people thought it was another scam. But the truth of the matter is that sites actually deliver what they promise. It is high time that the government takes action to trace the illegal websites operating from the dark web. Experts are finding it difficult to decipher the websites and block them due to the high level of secrecy. Apart from masking their IP addresses through the Tor browser, access to many of the sites is through “invite only”, making it hard for investigators to register on the sites.

Illegal activities via web

It is not astonishing if you come to know about the operation of the online criminal world. The dark web is bigger than many people think and almost all kinds of illicit goods and services are available at very cheap prices. Have you ever imagined paying as low as $5000 to get someone killed? Well, that is the current picture of the dark web. There are millions of people who are directly or indirectly involved with the criminal groups around the world. Now, the criminals too are utilizing the internet technology to get their jobs done. The introduction of Russian Mafia is the  best proof of these services which are available on internet.  In a recent report, the online Mafia was said to be responsible for the huge number of homicides around the world.

Network is getting bigger

Sicilian Hitmen is the online portal which offers a platform for willing customers to hire a hitman who can execute murder for pay without leaving behind any link between the customer and the murder.  Due to secrecy and less risk to get caught, hundreds of criminals or hitman are registering on the online criminal portal every day. In this way, the network of the criminals is getting bulkier each day. It is every easy to get added on the online criminal portal. Once their application is approved, the new hitmen have to undertake a test order. This test involves assessing the hitman’s courage, skills, willingness to sacrifice life, and emotional strength. The applicants are asked to perform any of the criminal tasks assigned to them. Once they succeed in completing the task, they are added as members to the criminal world.

This website should be banned in order to bring down the rate of unexplained homicides. It is not a scam and it poses a serious threat to the society.

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