Hire a Contract Killer

Sicilian Hitmen and Mafia – The Biggest Supplier Of Contract Killers

The Sicilian Hitmen is a website on the deep web where customers can order killings online and ready hitmen can bid and execute the killings.

We are not talking about sites like hire-a-killer .com that are usually fake and mostly, scams. No, we are talking about real hitmen for hire who are paid through Bitcoin.

Such a website can be accessed with the Tor at http://lembprdcizxtftpa.onion

We are not promoting this website but our purpose is to expose it so that police can shut it down.

Russian Mafia is has become the new threat to law and order with the hundreds of registered hitmen for hire. The government and police are seemingly not responding to their activities, making them execute murders with impunity. Our aim is to put pressure on these sites and raise awareness so that the government can take the sites with the seriousness that they deserve.

Dangerous bald gangster man with beard holding gun. Wearing black leather jacket. Dark cloudy sky.

The Sicilian Mafia through its website on the deep web is acting as a bridge between the customers and contract killers, making everything completely hidden and away from the eyes of the police and authorities. Even in the USA, the group is responsible for a large number of contract killings and assault cases that have happened over the past few years. With the new trend, it has become quite easy  for anyone to Hire a Contract Killer. Unlike hiring hitmen from the streets, the online platform is becoming preferable as the person ordering the killing is assured of anonymity, and no link can be made between them and the killer.

Both the customers and killers are almost unaware of each other meaning that they cannot blackmail each other in the future. In addition to this, they plan it in a very shrewd manner and ask the customers to be out of town during the day of the killing, making it easy to prove alibi in case they are listed as suspects. The payment system is also safe and secret, making it easy for the customers to pay the hitman without getting caught. Here are the details about how one can hire the hitman from the Russian Mafia :

  • You register on the Sicilian Hitmen marketplace without providing any real details.
  • You place an order with the name and details of the person that you want killed.
  • You purchase some bitcoins online, equivalent to the payment for the killing, and deposit the same in your personal wallet on the site.
  • The killer does the job as per your specifications and sends proof for the same.
  • You authorize release of funds to the hitman.
  • The hitman doesn’t know who you are, you never meet him, and the payment cannot be traced.