Even Murders for Hire Join the Technological Age

There isn’t very much that you cannot buy on the web. Just about everything is available these days, including being able to buy drugs, stolen goods, and even people. It is truly remarkable how the Internet has become so good at letting people be really bad.

One of the things that the Internet has opened the door to is the Hitman network, a place where people can find contract killers, like the Russian Mafia, to do the job of ending someone’s life for them. If a person has a problem that needs a permanent solution, then they can go to this part of the dark web to find a man or woman who will do the job for them. Usually they are speaking to a middle man who arranges the whole thing, so that the person who needs the job done is never in direct contact with the person who actually does the contract killing. It is safer this way.

For years, this was done with cold hard cash, or at least with a wire transfer that led to cold hard cash, but now the market has changed. Now a person can hire a contract killer and make the entire payment with bitcoins. That may seem totally crazy, but the world is changing and those who do killings for profit are finding that they need to change with it.

If one thinks about it this kind of thing makes perfect sense. It is easy to transfer bitcoin without anyone being wise to it at all. Since there is no real banking institution that is required to report transactions of large amounts to a government authority, then there is no way that anyone would even know if a contract killing was paid for. This protects the hitman and the buyer.

While this is an easy system to use and may be safer for both parties, it does not mean that it does not mean that buyers should not be extremely careful. Organizations like the FBI frequently run sting operations on the web using bitcoin, attempting to capture people from the Hitman network as well as buyers before contracts can be made. Lives are being saved as a result for it is hurting the business of those who belong to organizations like the Russian Mafia.

The dark web is still making these kinds of transactions easier. The world is a much different place than it was 20 years ago, and the criminals are catching on quickly.


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