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Russian Mafia, Real Or Fake? Questions

Russian Mafia is one of the most powerful criminal groups responsible for loss of lives on a daily basis. They have made the world a dark place to live in with their criminal services and conniving tactics to keep their services secret. These days, various people are coming up against this gang and we are also completely opposed to this group and spreading awareness about it to draw the attention of the police towards this gang.

There are many supporters of the gang who are looking to distract the police and people by terming the Russian Mafia as just another scam site. The reality is that this site is real, with hundreds of registered hitmen who are responsible for the many unexplained murders across the country. And the claims that the site is a scam only diverts the attention of the police who become reluctant in taking any serious measures in investigating the site.

Russian Mafia is not undercover agents?

There have also been some claims by some people that the Russian Mafia group was created by the undercover cops as a gateway to criminal dens. But given that the network is active many countries, this theory does not sound true anymore. What makes this theory more unrealistic is that there is no need for either the hitman or the customers to reveal their identity and as such the undercover cops cannot do anything without such personal information. So, there are no chances that these sites are being operated by the undercover cops.

This theory is just been spread to restrain people querying the Russian Mafia website and distract police attention. It is high time for the police to take our claims seriously and find ways to penetrate and dismantle these criminal networks.

As the group is having members in all the countries, a joint operation by the police forces of various countries can be effective to get the rid of Russian Mafia and other such criminal groups. By shutting down this website and putting the architects of the group behind the bars, we can expect to see a drastic reduction of unexplained murders, especially those perpetrated by lone hitmen.


Russian Mafia Legit Not Fake Deep Web

While many might argue that Russian Mafia is just a fake website, the site continues to enlist hitmen from around the world to conduct real assassination plots.  The group is managed by the Mafia groups from Russia and Albania and they have continued to expand their network around the world. There is an urgent need of action against this group in order to tame their criminal activities and bring an end to merciless killings.

What does this Russian Mafia do?

The group is responsible for various criminal activities from the professional killings, assaults, arson, robberies, cyber crime, and many more. It has a platform where criminals can register and find the clients to work for. This has enabled the Russian Mafia to become a high-end crime-syndicate in the world.

How are hitmen added to the network?

The hitmen only need to register on the site and complete a test order. The test may involve killing a designated target, looting, assault, or arson. Once they upload a video proof, they are accepted and can receive orders from customers.  Many undercover cops have tried to register as fake clients but the Russian Mafia puts up daunting tasks such as killings which cannot be performed by these undercover cops.

How the transfer of money takes place:

The transfer of money takes place via the use of the bitcoin which is very tough to decipher in case the users have hidden their IP. From the bitcoin platform, the money is transferred into the different money-transfer platforms such as PayPal from where the hitman can withdraw through the bank.

Why is it so tough to close down?

The police are finding it quite difficult to trace the owners of Russian Mafia because the site is operated from the deep web. The website is accessible only through the tor browser and by blocking the use of this browser, it may be a first step in reigning on this illegal website.

In addition to this, the police can also block receiving of large payments from undisclosed sources. In many cases, such payments come illegal activities. These are just but a few of the urgent actions that the police need to take in order to tame these sites.

Hire a Hitman

Russian Mafia -Increasing The Crime Rate With Its Illegal Activities

This article mainly focuses on the heinous activities that are carried out by Russian Mafia  with their shrewd online portal. Our focus is to draw the attention of legal authorities and get this website banned.

We are fighting against the Russian Mafia and the criminal activities that are carried out by them. They have used the internet as a platform for getting more customers. They make use of the deep-web that is normally hidden from the standard user and is really difficult to access by the layman.

Russian Mafia is providing killers a playing field:

The Russian Mafia makes it easy for the customers to hire a killer that will do the job for them. They make use of the bit coin to make it harder for the authorities to trace the transactions and identity details of the customers. The thing that is attracting customers towards this portal is that they can order a murder or hire a hitman without revealing anything about themselves. Thus, the customers can hire a hitman without any chance of being caught.

The customers can easily buy the bitcoins from various online platforms and make the transactions. By using the bitcoins, transactions from one account to another remains convenient and secretive. On the other hand, the Tor browser helps people visit the deep web sites to look for a contract killer.

Viable platform for killers:

The sites like the Russian Mafia act as a bridge between the customers and contract killers. The hitman can make his account on the site and if any murder request in his area is received, he is tasked with the job without directly getting involved with the customer. Many killers are encouraged by the anonymity provided by this website and registering themselves to get more and more customers.

Shrewd planning and execution of murder:

In order to make sure that no blame is laid on the customer, the site administrators ask customer to vacate the city or go on a tour a few days prior to the killing. As soon as the task is completed, the money is transferred from the customer’s bitcoin account  to that of the hitman. The group makes use of many complex transaction procedures to avoid any kind of link between the killer and the customer.

After completion of the task, the hitman can move his bitcoins to other websites and convert in cash. The fact that there is no any contact between the hitman and the customer makes it really tough for the cops to trace them. This makes it really comfortable and convenient for the customers because even if the hitman is arrested, he cannot reveal the identity of the customer who placed the order. The same applies in case customer is nabbed and cannot identify the hitman who did the murder. It is this kind of anonymity that is encouraging more people to seek hitmen-for-hire services on this site.

Features to have a track on undercover cops:

The undercover cops too cannot take much control or get any information about the killings through this portal. This is because they cannot sign-up as hitmen as the site assigns a real murder test. At the same time, they cannot sign-up as a customer too as they have to submits the detail about the target. This can result in several problems like getting the decoy killed.

Responsible for a great deal of homicides:

A survey revealed that every year there are thousands of unexplained homicides in the U.S. and about 50% of them are done by professional hitmen. The Russian Mafia  is directly or indirectly involved in most of them and is one of the biggest criminal threats in the country.