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Hitmen for hire sites exposed, how to fight them.

There are several Hitmen for Hire sites on the Internet, some, like hire-a-killer .com are obviously fake. They take credit cards; who would pay a killer with a credit card risking to expose his information to some unknown site?

Others like Chechen Mob are real and charge between $5000 to $200 000 for murder depending on target and difficulty of the job .

The Chechen Mob hitmen for hire site is a dangerous marketplace that can be accessed with the Tor Browser at http://5nr3yoxhbgzprocb.onion  . This is a special onion address accessible only in Tor Browser, it won’t work with other browsers.

Anyone who wishes to access sites on deep web should use the Tor Browser

The chechen mob site is basically an eBay for illegal services, allowing gang members worldwide to signup and provide services, and customers can signup and purchase services.

This is for informational purposes only, we do not encourage anyone to hire their services. In fact we are fighting all such hitmen for hire sites, and we expose them to media with the goal of raising concern and helping getting them closed down.

Some say that murder for hire is only in the movies, but that is unfortunately not true.

Customers and gang members hide their IP while accessing such sites, and they also do payments in Bitcoin, a digital currency that is hard to track.

After Silk Road made millions of dollars in 2013 by providing drug dealers with a way to sell their drugs online, many mafia organizations released sites on Deep Web to offer various services, including drugs, guns, counterfeit currency, and fake ids, as well as body harm services.

These sites are difficult to close by FBI and law enforcement because their IP is hidden and their hosting is offshore. Many sites stay low and fly under the radar, relying of word of mouth to get new customers, without allowing search engines to index them. This is why we come and mention them, to get attention of media and get them offline.

Customers do not give their real names, address or credit card when ordering drugs, guns or killing online. Instead, they use Bitcoin as the form of payment because bitcoin is stored in digital wallets that are not tied to a name. After one sends bitcoin to a different wallet, that person can spend it on whatever he wants, no one knowing who he is.

Bitcoin is a curency that allows escrow transactions, meaning that the receiver can not use the funds until the job is done.

Apart of their members, gang members from all over the world signup to provide services, getting 80% of the price paid by customers, while the Chechen Mob gets 20% .

The Chechen Mob website should be closed down by FBI

Hire a Hitman to Resolve Your Problems, and Other Stupid Ideas

So your neighbor is a gigantic douche. Everyone knows someone like that. A man or woman that is just a complete piece of crap. They can be frustrating as it gets, and there is really only one solution to the problem – hire a hitman.
That makes perfect sense. Have them bumped off. Pay thousands of dollars to some person to just break into their home and kill them.
Or how about that douche at work that is always getting promoted ahead of you, and the only reason he does is his lips have touched more butts than a toilet seat. Hire a hitman and have that guy killed as well. Come on, it’s the perfect solution.
Sound stupid? Of course it is. You just don’t look in the yellow pages for a guy to kill your boss, neighbor or romantic rival. And if you did find one what is to stop them from taking your money and turning on you? Nothing. Now it sounds like a really stupid idea.
This isn’t the only stupid idea out there. There are a lot related to revenge that people think are good ideas. Slashing someone’s tires, keying their car, or putting sugar in someone’s gas tank are all ideas for the truly simple minded. Yes, they are less lethal, but still downright stupid.
Here’s a really stupid idea for you. This woman was mad that this other couple bought the house that she wanted to buy. They didn’t even know her. They just got the bid in that the owner liked best. The woman was such a douche that she got “even” with them by posting ads on Craigslist telling men that she was the owner of the house and that she wanted to be raped. She encouraged men to break in and rape her while she was sleeping. Of course, she was not the owner, and wanted to see this poor woman that did not even know her get raped.
You may say that is truly stupid but to go and hire a hitman is just as dumb. You aren’t James Bond or a member of the CIA, so you don’t need to be bumping people off to save the world from evil forces. So what about the kiss butt guy at work? Let it go. If he wants brown lips for the rest of his life, more power to him.

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Hiring a Hitman from People Who Know How to Do So

Let’s begin by saying that no one is approving of you hiring a hitman. Murder is wrong and it would be wrong to be told that you should go out and hire someone to kill another person. This is just an article to inform on what people who are contract killers suggest are ways to hire a hitman to do a job. Things that they have gone through as part of getting a job. For educational reasons you may find this interesting.

The reality is that if a person wanted to hire a hitman it may be easier than ever before. The Internet has opened the door for a whole dark web to be created where a lot of sinister things go on that governments are unable to control. This includes such things as human trafficking, drug sales and, yes, even contract killings. If you want to find someone who will do just about anything, there is a way to be able to do so.

The Russian Mafia is a good example. They are a group of people who wage war against the different governmental authorities around the world, and who are unafraid to take money to do killings or any kind. If you want to hire a hitman, here is the group that will do it for you.

Finding these people is not as hard as you may think. You can often search for contract killers on the web (for real), but you have to be smart enough to do it through a series of proxy servers that will hide your IP address. If they find that they can track you to your IP of origin, you may be assured that no one is going to talk to you. There are many programs that will assist you in hiding your IP.

Be aware as well that frequently you will be dealing with a middle man. You give them half of the money for the job and they make the connection to get the job done. You should also be aware that you have no real assurance that you are not going to be ripped off. You can’t really check references, and if you get too nosy you may wind up being on someone else’s hit list, so this is why it is a good idea to not even consider this option. Escrow accounts can be set up as well that are released when the job is done, but that can leave a paper trail, which is not beneficial at all.

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Is There Really Such a Thing as the Russian Mafia?

It seems that the media really sensationalizing things. They can take an idea and run with it like it is the truth. They get people to believe it, even when there is no validity to it, and never really try to set the record straight. Whether it’s a super animal that no one ever heard of before or the Lochness monster, the media has no issues with misleading people.


While this is true in many cases, there are times when their sensational ideas are absolutely true. They do get it right sometimes, and this is the case with the Russian Mafia.
For those who have never heard of this group before, this that will take on contract jobs for people to eliminate anyone or any group of people, as long as the price is right. While they are grouped as a mafia, that truth is that this is not an international syndicate working together, at least not according to the FBI.

They view this as an association in name only, where many claim to be part of the Russian Mafia when they are nothing more than a freelancer or a person looking to build a reputation for themselves. According to law enforcement officials, those who align themselves with this group and who are truly living as members do not mind the wannabees who try to affiliate themselves with the group. They believe this diminishes the authenticity of the underworld group, making it seem more like a myth than reality. That there are doubters does not bother them at all.

This group has found ways to communicate with each other and with clients through the internet, most notably through encrypted social media sites and the dark web. Here they can talk almost openly about jobs and ideas without fear of getting caught. In fact, groups like ISIS are not the only ones taking advantage of these encrypted social media sites. Those who perform contract for hire work are finding that this gives them an open and easy channel to talk with clients without fear of being caught. Since the sites do not share their users’ information and law enforcement cannot access the sites themselves, these dialogs can go on unchecked.

There will still be doubters and to those who truly align themselves with this group that is fine. They would much rather have people not believing in them. It makes it easier to operate unchecked.

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Even Murders for Hire Join the Technological Age

There isn’t very much that you cannot buy on the web. Just about everything is available these days, including being able to buy drugs, stolen goods, and even people. It is truly remarkable how the Internet has become so good at letting people be really bad.

One of the things that the Internet has opened the door to is the Hitman network, a place where people can find contract killers, like the Russian Mafia, to do the job of ending someone’s life for them. If a person has a problem that needs a permanent solution, then they can go to this part of the dark web to find a man or woman who will do the job for them. Usually they are speaking to a middle man who arranges the whole thing, so that the person who needs the job done is never in direct contact with the person who actually does the contract killing. It is safer this way.

For years, this was done with cold hard cash, or at least with a wire transfer that led to cold hard cash, but now the market has changed. Now a person can hire a contract killer and make the entire payment with bitcoins. That may seem totally crazy, but the world is changing and those who do killings for profit are finding that they need to change with it.

If one thinks about it this kind of thing makes perfect sense. It is easy to transfer bitcoin without anyone being wise to it at all. Since there is no real banking institution that is required to report transactions of large amounts to a government authority, then there is no way that anyone would even know if a contract killing was paid for. This protects the hitman and the buyer.

While this is an easy system to use and may be safer for both parties, it does not mean that it does not mean that buyers should not be extremely careful. Organizations like the FBI frequently run sting operations on the web using bitcoin, attempting to capture people from the Hitman network as well as buyers before contracts can be made. Lives are being saved as a result for it is hurting the business of those who belong to organizations like the Russian Mafia.

The dark web is still making these kinds of transactions easier. The world is a much different place than it was 20 years ago, and the criminals are catching on quickly.


Mafia Report: Contract killers

This article mainly draws your attention to the fact that in spite of being so dangerous and being responsible for so many criminal activities, there is no registered complaint against the group which is encouraging the people involved in the criminal activities. The group is publicized to be a fake scam which has prevented the victims from taking any action against the group.

The people are not that aware about this criminal organization as it has its presence on the deep web which cannot be accessed using the normal browsers. For more than 3 years, the website is being there and the group has resulted in various homicides using its contracted hitman. The sad part about the story is that police is also not taking stern actions against these groups and just spreading rumors about the group being a scam to prevent people from using this service.

But those who have substantial knowledge about the computer and internet easily find out that this is not a fake group and use the Russian Mafia group for hiring the contract killers. In addition to hiring the hitman, the group has also been indulged in all sorts of criminal activities from smuggling, property capture or beating down someone very badly.

Why it has been a tough one to decipher?

The thing with the Russian Mafia is that there is no need to add up your personal details either while ordering a murder or by adding yourself as a hitman on the group. This makes literally no contact between the customer and the hitman and so even if the undercover cops try to disguise as a hitman or the customer, the risk is immense and there might be no any positive results as he will not be aware about the hitman. There have been a few instances that have backfired for the police but with inability to establish any connection, the police are not being able to get a firm grip on the group.

In the recent times, a member of the group that was opposing and exposing the Russian Mafia group on the internet was killed brutally by the group and still the police and the government is not able to get the killer who did this job. The time has come when the police shall start taking the group more seriously and call for strict action against them.


Russian Mafia Legit Not Fake Deep Web

While many might argue that Russian Mafia is just a fake web where you can play some games but actually it is responsible for several criminal activities. The group is managed by the Mafias of Russia and Albania in order to increase their network around the world. There is a strict need of action against this group in order to have control over the criminal activities to maintain the peace around the world.

What does this Russian Mafia do?

The group is responsible for various criminal activities from the professional killings to sending warning texts, emails and calls or destruction of properties as per the requirement of the clients. It has a service where the criminals can register themselves to find the clients for them. This has enabled the Russian Mafia to conduct these activities around the world.

How the hitmen are added to the network?

The hitman needs to register himself and is asked to take a criminal test that may be killing of someone or destruction of property or beating someone up very badly. If the hitman passes the test, he is added to the criminal network of the Russian Mafia. Many undercover cops have tried to register as fake clients but the Russian Mafia puts up daunting tasks such as killings which cannot be performed by these undercover cops.

How the transfer of money takes place?

The transfer of money takes place via the use of the bitcoin which is very tough to decipher in case the users have hidden their IP. From the bitcoin platform, the money is transferred into the different internet platforms from where the hitman can cash it or transfer it to his accounts.

Why is it so tough to decipher?

The police are finding it so very difficult to trace the website of Russian Mafia and shut it down as it is making the use of deep web. The website is accessible only through the tor browser and by blocking the use of this browser in their countries; the governments can have some control over the activities of the Russian Mafia.

In addition to this, the police can also block anyone from hiding their IP addresses that will discourage the Russian Mafia and may force them to operate little more openly which might be helpful for the police. Hoping, the police get all these actions done soon enough to prevent any further killings.

Hire a Hitman

Russian Mafia Is Real Not Fake: Expert Advice

Russian Mafia has come into the spotlight because of its secret criminal channel that is performing various homicides from around six years. But still the authorities seem to be sleeping and are ignorant of their activities as no strict action is being taken against them and they continue to form a major chunk of the criminal activities in the recent years.

There are various speculations about the Russian Mafia and the Albanian authorities are claiming that it is a fake group which is created by some notorious elements just in order to promote themselves on the internet. But the question that still surrounds everyone’s mind is if it is a fake group that is created by notorious elements, then why these people are still free  and not behind the bars. The government has not been able to decipher the location and activities, which gets to show the involvement of a large scale criminal group behind these websites.

Biggest Market for hiring the hitman:

The most threatening aspect with the Russian Mafia is that it is getting bigger with every passing day with more and more hitman joining it to get the clients more easily. It has spread its wings worldwide and the clients in various countries are approaching the hitman via this route. The network of the Russian Mafia has associated with the local hitman from all corners in the world and it becomes simple for the clients to hire the nearest hitman for his job through this network.

The hit man also takes a liking to it as he is paid with ease and since there is no face to face interaction with the clients, even in case the motive of killing and the client’s involvement is proved, the hitman is completely safe. Vice-versa, in case the hitman gets caught, the client is not under any threat as the killer doesn’t know him personally. This is why customers also access for the hitman via this route making it the biggest hitman market.

What action shall be taken against the Russian Mafia?

The biggest requirement is to get rid of this website and terminate it completely. The police needs to find out the people who are behind this criminal website and shoot them down. The capture of these criminals can also help in getting the list of the hitman across various countries and thus capturing them will also become easier for the police.


Russian Mafia -Increasing The Crime Rate With Its Illegal Activities

This article mainly focuses on the heinous activities that are carried out by Russian Mafia  with their shrewd online portal to draw the attention of legal authorities and get their website banned.

We are fighting against the Russian Mafia and the criminal activities that are carried out by them. They have used the internet as a platform for getting more customers. They make use of the deep-web that is normally hidden from the standard user and is really difficult to access.

Russian Mafia is providing with online killer hiring:

The Russian Mafia makes it easy for the customers to hire a killer that will do the job for them. They make use of the bit coin to make it harder for the authorities to trace the currencies and identification of the customers. The thing that is attracting customers towards this portal is that they can order a murder or hire a hitman without revealing anything about themselves. Thus, the customers can hire a hitman without any chance of being caught.

The customers can easily buy the bit coin on various online platforms to make it easier for them to make transactions. The bit coins make the transactions from one account to another very secretive and convenient. It also helps people to visit the deep web browser to look for a contract killer.

It is also growing up as an easy and viable platform for killers:

The sites like the Russian Mafia act as a bridge between the customers and contract killer. The hitman can make his account on the site and if any case in his area is received, he is tasked with the job without directly getting involved with the customer. Many killers are encouraged by this website and registering themselves to get more and more customers for themselves.

Shrewd Planning of Murder and transaction of money:

In order to make sure that no blame is laid on the customer, they ask customer to vacate the city or go on a tour few days prior to the killing. As soon as the task is completed, the money is transferred from the bitcoin account of the customer to that of the killer. The group makes use of a lot of complex transaction procedures to avoid any kind of link between the killer and the customer.

After the completion of task, the killer can move his bitcoins on other websites to convert into the cash. The thing that there is no any contact between the hitman and the customer makes it really tough for the cops to trace them. This makes it really comfortable and convenient for the customers because even when one of them is caught, the other is completely safe because he doesn’t know him.

Features to have a track on undercover cops:

The undercover cops too cannot take much control or get any information about the killings through this portal. This is because they cannot sign-up as hitman as it requires a stern test. At the same time, they cannot sign-up as a customer too as they have to submits the detail about the target killing. This can result in several problems like getting in the radar of the killer and at the same time, there is ample risk of the target getting killed by the killer even under the protection.

Responsible for a great deal of homicides:

A survey revealed that every year there are 32k homicides in the United States of America and 50% of them are done through the hitman. The Russian Mafia  is directly or indirectly involved in most of them and is one of the biggest criminal threats in the country.