How to kill someone without getting caught

Most people love their television programs, and there is nothing more tantalizing on many of these shows than the person who goes out to hire a contract killer to take care of some problem for them.

There are assassin sites on deep web like C’thulhu Resume and the Crime Bay by the Chechen Mob where people could hire killers for as low as $5000, payable with Bitcoin to ensure their own protection .

But how about when someone wants to kill someone himself, without getting caught?

This is very difficult and needs planning and care.

We are not encouraging anyone go kill someone, but we are discussion this for the sake of the argument

First, is very difficult to kill some one and not get caught. This is to discourage wanna bies. Police has very smart investigators, and if they are smarter than you, they will caught you .

However, if you still want to do it yourself, you need to consider these things

  1. Never take your phone with you

Phones can be tracked easily and will place you at the position of the murder.

2. Never buy any items you need with your credit card. Rope, tape, a gun, or other things don’t look good on your credit card statement if you are suspect of murder

3. Don’t do the murder after you recently argued or fighed with the victim . They will check out the people who has a reason to commit the murder, before anyone else.

4. Don’t tell anyone about it. Don’t ask friends or people for advices of how to do murder. They will tell

Don’t hire some killer in the dark alley of your house, they can take the money and run a way

meet some shady underworld character who is able to get rid of a spouse so that they can collect on a big insurance policy or to take care of person who is creating more problems than they are worth. It’s a story that most have seen and they marvel at the “ease” at which this seems to be able to be done.

The problem with these stories is that often the vast majority of people have no idea who to go to so that they can make a connection to hire a contract killer. To try to find someone they decide to consult a close friend and casually mention that they want to find someone who would kill another person for them. How this subject gets broached exactly seems to be quite awkward, but what frequently happens is that after some complete shock that they would be asked to help in this manner, the friend inevitably goes to the authorities to tell of what they have been asked. A sting is setup and before you know it, the person who wanted to hire a contract killer is in jail waiting to do 30 years in prison.
The saddest part of the whole thing is that the friend always says the same thing when they are on the news. “I just couldn’t believe they were serious. I figured at any moment they would back out.” Sound familiar.
It is the makings of a story that is commonly played out on the news, and most people don’t seem to get this. They get so caught up in the hatred and anger that they are feeling that they can’t see clearly enough to understand that this kind of choice is not going to work out, especially for someone who does not know anyone in the shadier part of society. The average person barely knows anyone that has a felony conviction, much less a person that can set up a contract killing, and so their whole scheme is absurd.
It may seem like a brilliant idea to handle that problem for yourself, but be aware that finding a person to help you hire a contract killer is not as easy as you may think. Just remember that is it is better to take some time to think about now then to spend the next 3o years of your life thinking about it.

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