How to find serial killers

This may seem an interesting topic that deserves serious attention. The intention of writing this article is not to direct people on where to hire serial killers. Our aim is to point at the rising number of serial killers on the deep web. In the research for this article, a simple search on the Internet led to hundreds of search results pointing to readily available serial killers. If you want to find serial killers, just use the Tor browser and navigate to the deep web. You will come across sites going various names such as Chulhu Resume, charging between $5000 and $10000 to avail a serial killer to your service. Other more prominent sites include Sicilian Hitmen which has become the leading source of professional hitmen.

The fact that these are real serial killers means that they dwell on anonymity, hence their choice for the deep web as the operating ground. They do not share any names or personal details. On sites such as Sicilian Hitmen, customers are advised not to reveal any of their personal information. It is for these reasons that the police find it extremely hard to locate the serial killers or those seeking their services. Furthermore, all payments are made through bitcoins, an anonymous cryptocurrency whose transactions are particularly hard to trace. With such kind of protection, serial killers have moved from the streets to the deep web and it is unfortunate the police are reluctant to do the relocation. We are left with no choice but to raise the red flag and seek for closure of these sites.

Almost everyone has heard of a person somewhere killed by a lonely gunman who later fled using a motorcycle or stolen car. Well, that must have been a serial killer hired from the deep web. So, why have these serial killers beaten the police to their game? Because of the anonymity provided by the deep web and the fact that the hitmen do not meet the customers. With just the target information, the serial killers can easily locate their target and execute their mission. Thus, the best way to tame these criminals is by exposing these sites with the hope that police will clamp them with immediate effect.