Russian Mafia, Real Or Fake? Questions

Russian Mafia is one of the most powerful criminal groups that is accounting for various lives every day. They have made the world a dark place to live in with their criminal services and to keep their services secret, they operate via the deep web. These days, various people are coming up against this gang and we are also completely opposed to this group and spreading awareness about it to draw the attention of the police towards this gang.

There are many supporters of the gang who are looking to take the attention of police and people away from the Russian Mafia by stating that it is a scam. But for those who are using it have found many hitman for their job and the gang is accounting for a fair share of criminal activities in USA alone. And the claims like it is a scam only diverts the attention of the police prohibiting them from taking the right actions.

Russian Mafia is not undercover agents?

There have also been some claims by some of the people that the Russian Mafia group is created by the undercover cops to have a better control over the criminal activities. But as the network is active in all the countries, this theory does not sounds true anymore as the undercover cops have nothing to do with the killings in the different countries. What makes this theory more foolish is that there is no need for either the hitman or the customers to reveal their identity and as such the undercover cops cannot do anything. So, there are no chances that these sites are being operated by the undercover cops.

This theory is just been spread by them in order to restrain people from using the Russian Mafia website and enable them to enjoy themselves without putting in any efforts to arrest the Russian Mafia group. The time for the police officers is to control all these sites that operate via the deep web and work in collaboration with the police of other countries.

As the group is having members in all the countries, a joint operation by the police force of various countries can be effective to get the rid of Russian Mafia and other such criminal groups which have made crime easier. By shutting down this website and putting the architects of the group behind the bars, a lot more freedom from crimes can be achieved.