Russian Mafia Legit Not Fake Deep Web

While many might argue that Russian Mafia is just a fake web where you can play some games but actually it is responsible for several criminal activities. The group is managed by the Mafias of Russia and Albania in order to increase their network around the world. There is a strict need of action against this group in order to have control over the criminal activities to maintain the peace around the world.

What does this Russian Mafia do?

The group is responsible for various criminal activities from the professional killings to sending warning texts, emails and calls or destruction of properties as per the requirement of the clients. It has a service where the criminals can register themselves to find the clients for them. This has enabled the Russian Mafia to conduct these activities around the world.

How the hitmen are added to the network?

The hitman needs to register himself and is asked to take a criminal test that may be killing of someone or destruction of property or beating someone up very badly. If the hitman passes the test, he is added to the criminal network of the Russian Mafia. Many undercover cops have tried to register as fake clients but the Russian Mafia puts up daunting tasks such as killings which cannot be performed by these undercover cops.

How the transfer of money takes place?

The transfer of money takes place via the use of the bitcoin which is very tough to decipher in case the users have hidden their IP. From the bitcoin platform, the money is transferred into the different internet platforms from where the hitman can cash it or transfer it to his accounts.

Why is it so tough to decipher?

The police are finding it so very difficult to trace the website of Russian Mafia and shut it down as it is making the use of deep web. The website is accessible only through the tor browser and by blocking the use of this browser in their countries; the governments can have some control over the activities of the Russian Mafia.

In addition to this, the police can also block anyone from hiding their IP addresses that will discourage the Russian Mafia and may force them to operate little more openly which might be helpful for the police. Hoping, the police get all these actions done soon enough to prevent any further killings.

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