Russian Mafia Is Real Not Fake: Expert Advice

Russian Mafia has come into the spotlight because of its secret criminal channel that is performing various homicides from around six years. But still the authorities seem to be sleeping and are ignorant of their activities as no strict action is being taken against them and they continue to form a major chunk of the criminal activities in the recent years.

There are various speculations about the Russian Mafia and the Albanian authorities are claiming that it is a fake group which is created by some notorious elements just in order to promote themselves on the internet. But the question that still surrounds everyone’s mind is if it is a fake group that is created by notorious elements, then why these people are still free  and not behind the bars. The government has not been able to decipher the location and activities, which gets to show the involvement of a large scale criminal group behind these websites.

Biggest Market for hiring the hitman:

The most threatening aspect with the Russian Mafia is that it is getting bigger with every passing day with more and more hitman joining it to get the clients more easily. It has spread its wings worldwide and the clients in various countries are approaching the hitman via this route. The network of the Russian Mafia has associated with the local hitman from all corners in the world and it becomes simple for the clients to hire the nearest hitman for his job through this network.

The hit man also takes a liking to it as he is paid with ease and since there is no face to face interaction with the clients, even in case the motive of killing and the client’s involvement is proved, the hitman is completely safe. Vice-versa, in case the hitman gets caught, the client is not under any threat as the killer doesn’t know him personally. This is why customers also access for the hitman via this route making it the biggest hitman market.

What action shall be taken against the Russian Mafia?

The biggest requirement is to get rid of this website and terminate it completely. The police needs to find out the people who are behind this criminal website and shoot them down. The capture of these criminals can also help in getting the list of the hitman across various countries and thus capturing them will also become easier for the police.