Russian Mafia Expert Advice: Hitmen For Hire

This is to make you aware about the dangers that you can have from Russian Mafia which has made it very easy for your rivals and enemies to hire a killer for you. As a responsible group, we completely oppose the philosophy and activities of the Russian Mafia and are waging a battle to make police and government act against the group and close their website to have a control over the criminal activities.

Russian Mafia has made hiring hitman easier:

The Russian Mafia provides its customers with easy, simple and secure way to order for various criminal activities on the internet. A huge chunk of population is using the services of this group for their professional or private killing and beating up jobs. Here is the reason why the Russian Mafia is so popular and hence responsible for a huge percentage of the criminal activities:

  • Since the Russian Mafia is present on the deep web, it is really tough for someone to track the users who have logged into this website. If you can go to the IP settings and hide your IP address, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to detect that you are browsing the site of the Russian Mafia which makes the hiring for the hitman very safe. This is the major reason behind the increase in the criminal activities through the Russian Mafiaand government and police must take some action to restrict the browsing of this website.
  • Unlike in other cases, where you have to pay 50% advance to the Hitman and you are always in a risky as to whether he will do your job or run way, in Russian Mafia no money is paid to the hitman until and unless the order is completed. But rather you have to pay that money to the middle man or escrow which does not transfer the money into the account of the hitman until the job is done by him.
  • In addition to this, you have to pay your money through the bitcoin which is a secret way of money transfer. You can add the money from your account to the escrow account in the form of the bitcoin which is not possible to decipher. Hence, it is tough to find out that the murder was ordered by whom which has also led to more and more expansion of this criminal group that is harmful for the human race.