Mafia Report: Contract killers

This article mainly draws your attention to the fact that in spite of being so dangerous and being responsible for so many criminal activities, there is no registered complaint against the group which is encouraging the people involved in the criminal activities. The group is publicized to be a fake scam which has prevented the victims from taking any action against the group.

The people are not that aware about this criminal organization as it has its presence on the deep web which cannot be accessed using the normal browsers. For more than 3 years, the website is being there and the group has resulted in various homicides using its contracted hitman. The sad part about the story is that police is also not taking stern actions against these groups and just spreading rumors about the group being a scam to prevent people from using this service.

But those who have substantial knowledge about the computer and internet easily find out that this is not a fake group and use the Russian Mafia group for hiring the contract killers. In addition to hiring the hitman, the group has also been indulged in all sorts of criminal activities from smuggling, property capture or beating down someone very badly.

Why it has been a tough one to decipher?

The thing with the Russian Mafia is that there is no need to add up your personal details either while ordering a murder or by adding yourself as a hitman on the group. This makes literally no contact between the customer and the hitman and so even if the undercover cops try to disguise as a hitman or the customer, the risk is immense and there might be no any positive results as he will not be aware about the hitman. There have been a few instances that have backfired for the police but with inability to establish any connection, the police are not being able to get a firm grip on the group.

In the recent times, a member of the group that was opposing and exposing the Russian Mafia group on the internet was killed brutally by the group and still the police and the government is not able to get the killer who did this job. The time has come when the police shall start taking the group more seriously and call for strict action against them.