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How to kill someone and get away with it

Ever wondered about getting someone killed and avoid jail? It is very much possible. Wait, I;m not asking anyone to kill and expect to get away with it. You must be prepared to live with the consequences. Whether spending a lifetime in prison, in case you are nabbed, or living with the guilt forever. None of the two choices appears the better…right? Now, talking about killing someone and getting away with it does not necessarily mean bribing the prosecutors. Neither does it mean running away from justice. I’m talking about the new trend on the deep web where users can hire a hitman to kill a person. Given that the customer is unknown to the hitman, there are absolutely no chances of being caught.

Customers seeking these services only need to sign-up on the website and place their request, giving as much details as possible about the target. That may seem easier, especially if the person is well known to you. Once the money has been deposited in your personal wallet on the site, the hitman hits the road and the target is down in about a month or so. It is at this point that the money is released to the hitman. Given that there are many registered hitmen, there is some kind of competition for the next available order, and you can expect to have the job done in less than the stipulated time. All this time, the customer goes on with life, perhaps even traveling out of town to minimize any suspicion. The hitmen are well-trained and hardly leave any traces of evidence at the scene of crime. No wonder why you hear about murders on the streets with no available suspect or trail.

It is clear that the person authorizing and paying for the murder in this case gets away without being caught. In the unlikely event that the hitmen is nabbed, he cannot say who sent him since no personal details are shared between the customer and the hitman. Furthermore, customers use the Tor browser to access the site, thereby hiding their IP addresses. Payments are also made using bitcoins, a cryptocurrency whose transactions cannot be traced. Some of these sites are so rich that they can easily bail their ‘workers’ in court. So, before you think about it, the hitman is already on the next available mission. This seems to be the easiest way of getting away with murder. But note that even though you may use a hitman to get rid of your rival and avoid prison, the guilt will certainly haunt your conscience for life.

Hitmen on the Deep Web

While the deep web is famous for the availability of all sorts of illicit goods such as guns, drugs, counterfeit products and so on, you will be amazed to find that there are hundreds if not thousands of people offering hitmen-for-hire services. As the title suggests, these are people with real guns and ready to execute targets for money. The recent closure of Silk Road and Alphabay laid bare the kind of activities taking place in the deep web. Keep reading to know how realistic hitmen-for-hire services can be.

As a disclaimer, this article is for informational purposes only and does not, in any way, seek to promote hiring of hitmen to kill people. Walking across the dark alleys in the streets, you will find people selling drugs, and gang members offering to kill for money. But due to the sensitivity of the matter, not everyone will go out advertising for a job in killing another person. After all, nobody wants to be associated with murder, regardless of whether they authorized the killing. In search for anonymity, people seeking to hire hitmen are finding an easy route in the deep web. There is full anonymity since no personal details are shared with the hitman. Once registered on any of these sites, the customer only needs to provide the identification details of the target and leave the hitman to do the job.

And the cost is not that high, averaging between $5000 and $20,000 for killing an ordinary person. According to the site administrators, there are hitmen ready to get rid of that nagging ex-wife, rogue manager, unforgiving judge, or the naughty prosecutor. The list goes on and on. In fact, celebrities, top managers, and government officials are not spared either. For just $20,000, you can get a professional hitman to kill the person. Professional here means ex-military personnel with sniper rifles. You can even describe how you want the mission executed, from forced accidents, fatal shots in the streets, poisoning, and so on.

The story depicts the picture of a rotten society, with people seeking to kill and get away with it. The availability of trigger-happy criminals and websites minting millions of money per year have taken well-crafted murders and assassinations a notch higher. All this has been aided by an unresponsive law enforcement agency that simply rubs off these claims as malicious and untrue. However, the recent rise in the number of unexplained murders points to a real picture of legit hitmen ready to shoot at will. It is high time the FBI investigated the administrators of these sites and put them in jail before the next person succumbs to a hitman’s bullet.

Murder for Hire

Everyone must have heard about various services for hire such as car hire, hire a house, hire a manager, and so on. But, have you ever thought about hiring a person to kill another person for you? It is not fantasy because there are several sites operating on the deep web where you can pay someone to kill your foe or arch-rival. No matter how unrealistic it may sound, there are various sites on the Internet offering murder for hire services.

When doing research on this subject, I was surprised to come across professional murder for hire hitmen who have registered on various sites and charging an average of $10,000 to kill someone. I decided to give it a try and was asked to register on one of the sites going by the name Russian Mafia. Immediately after placing my request, a hitman was on standby and asked for the identification details for my target. The guy would be murdered in less than a month. While many sites may be scams as they ask for upfront payments, I was assured that I would only release the payment after the job had been done. I only needed to deposit bitcoins worth $10,000 to my personal wallet on the site, which is supported by an escrow service. So, there is no chance of losing the money to a hitman who does not do the job.

To make matters worse, these are not the usual gang members that one can hire on the streets to either assault someone or destroy their property; here are legit hitmen with ready guns and waiting for the next request. No wonder the rising cases of killings on the streets without any trace to the killer. You can hardly go a month without coming across a case where a person was just shot in the car or at their home and no links are made to the murder. Now, you have the answer, there are real hitmen offering murder for hire services and these sites have networks across the country, meaning that the hitman does not have to travel from another state.

This is a worrying trend that seems to have evaded police attention for far too long. Murder is an unforgivable crime and people seeking these services are only funding a grave crime and even though they do not kill by their hands, they are no better than the hitman who pulls that trigger. Whether it is a case of delayed justice or emotional stress, paying to have someone killed does not solve the problem, there are many avenues that one can pursue and get justice. I won’t advice anyone to seek these services, I just want you to know that the deep web seems to have solution to all problems, including those seeking murder for hire services.

How to Hire a Hitman

Firstly, let me make it clear that this article is not meant to encourage anyone to murder. Killing of an innocent person is not only unethical, but also immoral and illegal. However, research on the deep web reveals that there are various sites offering hitmen for hire. It may sound unreal but the truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of professional killers, some may be gang members from the streets, but there are also hordes of ex-police and former military personnel offering to kill for just a few thousand dollars.

So, how does it go? Well, you only need to sign-up on the various sites in the deep web and hire a hitman. Given that almost all of the sites offering hitmen for hire operate from within the deep web, users need to use the Tor browser to access the sites. You will be amazed to find that the black market on the Internet does not just provide cheap guns, drugs, and other illicit drugs. You can actually come across a hitman for hire who will nail your target for just a few thousand bucks.

Despite numerous crackdowns by law enforcement agencies such as the recent case with Silk Road, there are sites such as the Russian Mafia that have registered hitmen waiting to pull that trigger for nothing but money. Once you have loaded the Tor browser, you can sign-up on one of these sites and talk directly with the nearest available hitman. Yes, these sites have hitmen in almost all states. Some even offer to execute targets in foreign countries, but of course, at a higher price. The mode of payment is the bitcoin since the transactions are secure and discreet. The next step involves giving the hitman the identification details for the target. This may include some photos, location, place of work, popular leisure joints, e.t.c. Since the sites use an escrow service, the money will be released to the hitman only after the job has been done. The preparation and execution of the target person may take between two weeks to a month.

The cost of hiring a hitman varies depending on the unique circumstances of the job. For instance, some targets may take a little while to locate. Yet, others may have bodyguards, requiring the use of more professional hitmen. However, you can expect to pay between $5000 and $30,000. The killing of high-value targets may cost in excess of $80,000. People in this category may include celebrities, government officials, lawyers, prosecutors, or high-ranking business managers.

Once again, may aim is not to incite anyone to murder, but just to make it known that there are hundreds of sites offering hitmen-for-hire services. While some may be dismissed as scams, there are legit sites that actually execute targets as per the client’s specifications. It is time that the police face these sites with the seriousness that they deserve.