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Hitmen for hire sites exposed, how to fight them.

There are several Hitmen-for-Hire sites on the Internet, and most of them, like hire-a-killer .com, are definitely fake. They normally ask for credit card details. Who would pay a killer using a credit card without risking to expose his/her information to some unknown site?

Others are real and charge between $5000 to $200 000 for murder depending on target and unique circumstances of the job .

The Sicilian Hitmen is a dangerous marketplace that can be accessed with the Tor Browser at http://lembprdcizxtftpa.onion  . This is a special onion address accessible only through the Tor Browser. It doesn’t work with other browsers.

Those who don’t have the Tor Browser can access the site via a proxy such as , this can be accessed with any browser

Anyone who wishes to access sites on deep web should use the Tor Browser.

The site use invitation code to allow only access from customers that are reffered by other happy customers. We got an invitation code from a customer however we don’t know how long it will work JDK329

This article is for informational purposes only, we do not encourage anyone to hire their services. In fact we are fighting all such hitmen-for-hire sites, and we are exposing them to media with the goal of raising concern and  get them closed down.

While many believe that hiring of professional hitmen takes place only in the movies, the reality is that real sites offering such services are scattered across the deep web.

Customers and registered hitmen hide their IP while accessing such sites and all payments are done using Bitcoin, a digital currency whose transactions are extremely hard to track.

After Silk Road made millions of dollars in 2013 by providing drug dealers with a way to sell their drugs online, many mafia organizations created sites on Deep Web to offer various services, including drugs, guns, counterfeit currency, and fake ids, as well as real body harm services.

These sites are difficult to close by the FBI and law enforcement because their servers are hosted offshore and customers access them while hiding the IP addresses. Many sites maintain a low profile and operate in complete secrecy. Advertisement is done through word of mouth and referrals from former customers. Thus, the sites get a steady flow of customers without relying on the search engines to index them. This is why we are determined to expose the sites here and attract the attention of the law enforcement agencies.

Customers do not give their real names, addresses or credit card details when ordering for drugs, guns or murder online. Instead, they use Bitcoin as the form of payment because bitcoin is stored in digital wallets that are not tied to any personal information. After sending the bitcoins to a different wallet, the money can be used to purchase all sorts of goods and services with the advantage of full anonymity.

Bitcoin is a curency that allows escrow transactions, meaning that the receiver cannot use the funds until the job is done.

Apart of the customers, hitmen from all over the world sign-up to provide services, getting 80% of the price paid by customers, while the site administrators retain 20% commission for administrative costs.

The hitmen sites should be closed down by the FBI with immediate effect.