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Even Murders for Hire Join the Technological Age

There isn’t very much that you cannot buy on the web. Just about everything is available these days, including being able to buy drugs, stolen goods, and even people. It is truly remarkable how the Internet has become so good at letting people be really bad.

One of the things that the Internet has opened the door to is the Hitman network, a place where people can find contract killers, like the Russian Mafia, to do the job of ending someone’s life for them. If a person has a problem that needs a permanent solution, then they can go to this part of the dark web to find a man or woman who will do the job for them. Usually they are speaking to a middle man who arranges the whole thing, so that the person who needs the job done is never in direct contact with the person who actually does the contract killing. It is safer this way.

For years, this was done with cold hard cash, or at least with a wire transfer that led to cold hard cash, but now the market has changed. Now a person can hire a contract killer and make the entire payment with bitcoins. That may seem totally crazy, but the world is changing and those who do killings for profit are finding that they need to change with it.

If one thinks about it this kind of thing makes perfect sense. It is easy to transfer bitcoin without anyone being wise to it at all. Since there is no real banking institution that is required to report transactions of large amounts to a government authority, then there is no way that anyone would even know if a contract killing was paid for. This protects the hitman and the buyer.

While this is an easy system to use and may be safer for both parties, it does not mean that it does not mean that buyers should not be extremely careful. Organizations like the FBI frequently run sting operations on the web using bitcoin, attempting to capture people from the Hitman network as well as buyers before contracts can be made. Lives are being saved as a result for it is hurting the business of those who belong to organizations like the Russian Mafia.

The dark web is still making these kinds of transactions easier. The world is a much different place than it was 20 years ago, and the criminals are catching on quickly.


How to hire a contract killer and not be caught

Most people love their television programs, and there is nothing more tantalizing on many of these shows than the person who goes out to hire a contract killer to take care of some problem for them. They meet some shady underworld character who is able to get rid of a spouse so that they can collect on a big insurance policy or to take care of person who is creating more problems than they are worth. It’s a story that most have seen and they marvel at the “ease” at which this seems to be able to be done.

The problem with these stories is that often the vast majority of people have no idea who to go to so that they can make a connection to hire a contract killer. To try to find someone they decide to consult a close friend and casually mention that they want to find someone who would kill another person for them. How this subject gets broached exactly seems to be quite awkward, but what frequently happens is that after some complete shock that they would be asked to help in this manner, the friend inevitably goes to the authorities to tell of what they have been asked. A sting is setup and before you know it, the person who wanted to hire a contract killer is in jail waiting to do 30 years in prison.

The saddest part of the whole thing is that the friend always says the same thing when they are on the news. “I just couldn’t believe they were serious. I figured at any moment they would back out.” Sound familiar.

It is the makings of a story that is commonly played out on the news, and most people don’t seem to get this. They get so caught up in the hatred and anger that they are feeling that they can’t see clearly enough to understand that this kind of choice is not going to work out, especially for someone who does not know anyone in the shadier part of society. The average person barely knows anyone that has a felony conviction, much less a person that can set up a contract killing, and so their whole scheme is absurd.

It may seem like a brilliant idea to handle that problem for yourself, but be aware that finding a person to help you hire a contract killer is not as easy as you may think. Just remember that is it is better to take some time to think about now then to spend the next 3o years of your life thinking about it.


Russian Mafia Expert Advice: Hitmen For Hire

This is to make you aware about the dangers that you can have from Russian Mafia which has made it very easy for your rivals and enemies to hire a killer for you. As a responsible group, we completely oppose the philosophy and activities of the Russian Mafia and are waging a battle to make police and government act against the group and close their website to have a control over the criminal activities.

Russian Mafia has made hiring hitman easier:

The Russian Mafia provides its customers with easy, simple and secure way to order for various criminal activities on the internet. A huge chunk of population is using the services of this group for their professional or private killing and beating up jobs. Here is the reason why the Russian Mafia is so popular and hence responsible for a huge percentage of the criminal activities:

  • Since the Russian Mafia is present on the deep web, it is really tough for someone to track the users who have logged into this website. If you can go to the IP settings and hide your IP address, it becomes almost impossible for anyone to detect that you are browsing the site of the Russian Mafia which makes the hiring for the hitman very safe. This is the major reason behind the increase in the criminal activities through the Russian Mafiaand government and police must take some action to restrict the browsing of this website.
  • Unlike in other cases, where you have to pay 50% advance to the Hitman and you are always in a risky as to whether he will do your job or run way, in Russian Mafia no money is paid to the hitman until and unless the order is completed. But rather you have to pay that money to the middle man or escrow which does not transfer the money into the account of the hitman until the job is done by him.
  • In addition to this, you have to pay your money through the bitcoin which is a secret way of money transfer. You can add the money from your account to the escrow account in the form of the bitcoin which is not possible to decipher. Hence, it is tough to find out that the murder was ordered by whom which has also led to more and more expansion of this criminal group that is harmful for the human race.


Mafia Report: Contract killers

This article mainly draws your attention to the fact that in spite of being so dangerous and being responsible for so many criminal activities, there is no registered complaint against the group which is encouraging the people involved in the criminal activities. The group is publicized to be a fake scam which has prevented the victims from taking any action against the group.

The people are not that aware about this criminal organization as it has its presence on the deep web which cannot be accessed using the normal browsers. For more than 3 years, the website is being there and the group has resulted in various homicides using its contracted hitman. The sad part about the story is that police is also not taking stern actions against these groups and just spreading rumors about the group being a scam to prevent people from using this service.

But those who have substantial knowledge about the computer and internet easily find out that this is not a fake group and use the Russian Mafia group for hiring the contract killers. In addition to hiring the hitman, the group has also been indulged in all sorts of criminal activities from smuggling, property capture or beating down someone very badly.

Why it has been a tough one to decipher?

The thing with the Russian Mafia is that there is no need to add up your personal details either while ordering a murder or by adding yourself as a hitman on the group. This makes literally no contact between the customer and the hitman and so even if the undercover cops try to disguise as a hitman or the customer, the risk is immense and there might be no any positive results as he will not be aware about the hitman. There have been a few instances that have backfired for the police but with inability to establish any connection, the police are not being able to get a firm grip on the group.

In the recent times, a member of the group that was opposing and exposing the Russian Mafia group on the internet was killed brutally by the group and still the police and the government is not able to get the killer who did this job. The time has come when the police shall start taking the group more seriously and call for strict action against them.


Russian Mafia, Real Or Fake? Questions

Russian Mafia is one of the most powerful criminal groups that is accounting for various lives every day. They have made the world a dark place to live in with their criminal services and to keep their services secret, they operate via the deep web. These days, various people are coming up against this gang and we are also completely opposed to this group and spreading awareness about it to draw the attention of the police towards this gang.

There are many supporters of the gang who are looking to take the attention of police and people away from the Russian Mafia by stating that it is a scam. But for those who are using it have found many hitman for their job and the gang is accounting for a fair share of criminal activities in USA alone. And the claims like it is a scam only diverts the attention of the police prohibiting them from taking the right actions.

Russian Mafia is not undercover agents?

There have also been some claims by some of the people that the Russian Mafia group is created by the undercover cops to have a better control over the criminal activities. But as the network is active in all the countries, this theory does not sounds true anymore as the undercover cops have nothing to do with the killings in the different countries. What makes this theory more foolish is that there is no need for either the hitman or the customers to reveal their identity and as such the undercover cops cannot do anything. So, there are no chances that these sites are being operated by the undercover cops.

This theory is just been spread by them in order to restrain people from using the Russian Mafia website and enable them to enjoy themselves without putting in any efforts to arrest the Russian Mafia group. The time for the police officers is to control all these sites that operate via the deep web and work in collaboration with the police of other countries.

As the group is having members in all the countries, a joint operation by the police force of various countries can be effective to get the rid of Russian Mafia and other such criminal groups which have made crime easier. By shutting down this website and putting the architects of the group behind the bars, a lot more freedom from crimes can be achieved.


Russian Mafia Legit Not Fake Deep Web

While many might argue that Russian Mafia is just a fake web where you can play some games but actually it is responsible for several criminal activities. The group is managed by the Mafias of Russia and Albania in order to increase their network around the world. There is a strict need of action against this group in order to have control over the criminal activities to maintain the peace around the world.

What does this Russian Mafia do?

The group is responsible for various criminal activities from the professional killings to sending warning texts, emails and calls or destruction of properties as per the requirement of the clients. It has a service where the criminals can register themselves to find the clients for them. This has enabled the Russian Mafia to conduct these activities around the world.

How the hitmen are added to the network?

The hitman needs to register himself and is asked to take a criminal test that may be killing of someone or destruction of property or beating someone up very badly. If the hitman passes the test, he is added to the criminal network of the Russian Mafia. Many undercover cops have tried to register as fake clients but the Russian Mafia puts up daunting tasks such as killings which cannot be performed by these undercover cops.

How the transfer of money takes place?

The transfer of money takes place via the use of the bitcoin which is very tough to decipher in case the users have hidden their IP. From the bitcoin platform, the money is transferred into the different internet platforms from where the hitman can cash it or transfer it to his accounts.

Why is it so tough to decipher?

The police are finding it so very difficult to trace the website of Russian Mafia and shut it down as it is making the use of deep web. The website is accessible only through the tor browser and by blocking the use of this browser in their countries; the governments can have some control over the activities of the Russian Mafia.

In addition to this, the police can also block anyone from hiding their IP addresses that will discourage the Russian Mafia and may force them to operate little more openly which might be helpful for the police. Hoping, the police get all these actions done soon enough to prevent any further killings.

Hire a Hitman

Russian Mafia Is Real Not Fake: Expert Advice

Russian Mafia has come into the spotlight because of its secret criminal channel that is performing various homicides from around six years. But still the authorities seem to be sleeping and are ignorant of their activities as no strict action is being taken against them and they continue to form a major chunk of the criminal activities in the recent years.

There are various speculations about the Russian Mafia and the Albanian authorities are claiming that it is a fake group which is created by some notorious elements just in order to promote themselves on the internet. But the question that still surrounds everyone’s mind is if it is a fake group that is created by notorious elements, then why these people are still free  and not behind the bars. The government has not been able to decipher the location and activities, which gets to show the involvement of a large scale criminal group behind these websites.

Biggest Market for hiring the hitman:

The most threatening aspect with the Russian Mafia is that it is getting bigger with every passing day with more and more hitman joining it to get the clients more easily. It has spread its wings worldwide and the clients in various countries are approaching the hitman via this route. The network of the Russian Mafia has associated with the local hitman from all corners in the world and it becomes simple for the clients to hire the nearest hitman for his job through this network.

The hit man also takes a liking to it as he is paid with ease and since there is no face to face interaction with the clients, even in case the motive of killing and the client’s involvement is proved, the hitman is completely safe. Vice-versa, in case the hitman gets caught, the client is not under any threat as the killer doesn’t know him personally. This is why customers also access for the hitman via this route making it the biggest hitman market.

What action shall be taken against the Russian Mafia?

The biggest requirement is to get rid of this website and terminate it completely. The police needs to find out the people who are behind this criminal website and shoot them down. The capture of these criminals can also help in getting the list of the hitman across various countries and thus capturing them will also become easier for the police.


Russian Mafia -Increasing The Crime Rate With Its Illegal Activities

This article mainly focuses on the heinous activities that are carried out by Russian Mafia  with their shrewd online portal to draw the attention of legal authorities and get their website banned.

We are fighting against the Russian Mafia and the criminal activities that are carried out by them. They have used the internet as a platform for getting more customers. They make use of the deep-web that is normally hidden from the standard user and is really difficult to access.

Russian Mafia is providing with online killer hiring:

The Russian Mafia makes it easy for the customers to hire a killer that will do the job for them. They make use of the bit coin to make it harder for the authorities to trace the currencies and identification of the customers. The thing that is attracting customers towards this portal is that they can order a murder or hire a hitman without revealing anything about themselves. Thus, the customers can hire a hitman without any chance of being caught.

The customers can easily buy the bit coin on various online platforms to make it easier for them to make transactions. The bit coins make the transactions from one account to another very secretive and convenient. It also helps people to visit the deep web browser to look for a contract killer.

It is also growing up as an easy and viable platform for killers:

The sites like the Russian Mafia act as a bridge between the customers and contract killer. The hitman can make his account on the site and if any case in his area is received, he is tasked with the job without directly getting involved with the customer. Many killers are encouraged by this website and registering themselves to get more and more customers for themselves.

Shrewd Planning of Murder and transaction of money:

In order to make sure that no blame is laid on the customer, they ask customer to vacate the city or go on a tour few days prior to the killing. As soon as the task is completed, the money is transferred from the bitcoin account of the customer to that of the killer. The group makes use of a lot of complex transaction procedures to avoid any kind of link between the killer and the customer.

After the completion of task, the killer can move his bitcoins on other websites to convert into the cash. The thing that there is no any contact between the hitman and the customer makes it really tough for the cops to trace them. This makes it really comfortable and convenient for the customers because even when one of them is caught, the other is completely safe because he doesn’t know him.

Features to have a track on undercover cops:

The undercover cops too cannot take much control or get any information about the killings through this portal. This is because they cannot sign-up as hitman as it requires a stern test. At the same time, they cannot sign-up as a customer too as they have to submits the detail about the target killing. This can result in several problems like getting in the radar of the killer and at the same time, there is ample risk of the target getting killed by the killer even under the protection.

Responsible for a great deal of homicides:

A survey revealed that every year there are 32k homicides in the United States of America and 50% of them are done through the hitman. The Russian Mafia  is directly or indirectly involved in most of them and is one of the biggest criminal threats in the country.