How to Hire a Contract Killer and Never Get Caught?

There are several sites on the Internet where one can hire hitmen. Some sites, like hire-a-killer .com are jokes as they take credit cards; who would pay a killer with a credit card?

Others are real and charge between $5000 to $200 000 for murder depending on target and difficulty of the job .

To access their site one need to download the Tor Browser, this is a free browser used by millions of people worldwide, and access their homepage at http://lembprdcizxtftpa.onion . ( accessible only with the Tor Browser ) This is a special onion address accessible only in Tor Browser, it won’t work with other browsers.

The site uses an invitation system to ensure that only people who are referred by happy customers get into the system, and not just any other curios person.

We got our hands on an invitation code from someone who claims to be a happy customer, though we don’t know how long it will work. Here is the code JDK329

To view their site with Internet Explorer or Firefox or other browsers, one can use a mirror site like  .Please note this is a mirror made by the domain, is always best to download Tor and access deep web directly when you want to view sites.

The articles, pictures and videos on this site are for informational purposes ONLY, and our sole aim is to make them public so that the FBI and other authorities can close them down.

We will continue to fight them and expose them to the public and media until they are closed down completely.

They are not the slick hitmen from movies, instead, these hitmen are low lever gang members or drug dealers desperate for money and are willing to drive to locations within 400-500 miles to kill someone by handgun.

They don’t travel Internationally, don’t have fake documents and hence the reason for their low charges.

On these sites, customers don’t give their names, address, email addresses or other information that could be used to track them down.

Customers also hide their IP addresses using the Tor Browser, a tool that use encryption and intermediate nodes to hide the IP of its users. Furthermore, site administrators assure their customers that they store all orders and messages encrypted.

Without any fear for law enforcement agencies, these sites are continuously enlisting hitmen and assigning them the various orders placed by the customers.

The sites are real and dangerous, hence our calls for authorities to close them down.

The killers there are obviously not kids, but young, dumb people who are stupid enough to actually go and kill the targets for low amounts of money.

This is a very real mob who should be shut down by police, so please share the videos and their method of work so that people get alarmed enough to put pressure on government to close them

Anyone who wishes to access such sites on deep web should use the Tor Browser.

The Tor Browser hides the IP of the visitors and enables them to visit sites anonymously.

When paying for guns, drugs and hitmen online, people use escrow services that basically put the bitcoin into their private wallet on the site, and the money stays there until the job is completed.

Apart from the customers, gang members from all over the world sign-up to provide services, getting 80% of the price paid by customers, while the Hitmen gets 20% .

The website should be closed down by the FBI.

How to find serial killers

This may seem an interesting topic that deserves serious attention. The intention of writing this article is not to direct people on where to hire serial killers. Our aim is to point at the rising number of serial killers on the deep web. In the research for this article, a simple search on the Internet led to hundreds of search results pointing to readily available serial killers. If you want to find serial killers, just use the Tor browser and navigate to the deep web. You will come across sites going various names such as Chulhu Resume, charging between $5000 and $10000 to avail a serial killer to your service. Other more prominent sites include Sicilian Hitmen which has become the leading source of professional hitmen.

The fact that these are real serial killers means that they dwell on anonymity, hence their choice for the deep web as the operating ground. They do not share any names or personal details. On sites such as Sicilian Hitmen, customers are advised not to reveal any of their personal information. It is for these reasons that the police find it extremely hard to locate the serial killers or those seeking their services. Furthermore, all payments are made through bitcoins, an anonymous cryptocurrency whose transactions are particularly hard to trace. With such kind of protection, serial killers have moved from the streets to the deep web and it is unfortunate the police are reluctant to do the relocation. We are left with no choice but to raise the red flag and seek for closure of these sites.

Almost everyone has heard of a person somewhere killed by a lonely gunman who later fled using a motorcycle or stolen car. Well, that must have been a serial killer hired from the deep web. So, why have these serial killers beaten the police to their game? Because of the anonymity provided by the deep web and the fact that the hitmen do not meet the customers. With just the target information, the serial killers can easily locate their target and execute their mission. Thus, the best way to tame these criminals is by exposing these sites with the hope that police will clamp them with immediate effect.

Top Murderers

Many people believe that top murderers are found only on the streets, operating as drug dealers and gang members. However, the rise of the deep web has shifted the playing ground for top hitmen. For only a few thousand dollars, you can hire top murderers from the deep web. This article does not in any way promote the use of hitmen to kill people, but the information here is for informational purposes only.

Unlike the past where people could hire hitmen from local gangs, there are ex-military personnel and former police officers who have taken professional hitman as a full time gig. And these people have gradually become some of the top murderers around. Operating from sites such as Sicilian Hitmen, the murderers are available in almost all states in the country, with some independent contractors taking overseas assignments. So, what does it take to hire the top hitmen? While most hitmen on these sites are assigned local jobs to kill ordinary people, top murderers are more preferred to nail high profile targets. And their price is obviously higher, ranging from $10,000 to $30,000.

One may have wondered about the steep rise in street killings and other instances of kill-and-run incidents over the recent past. It is clear that the number of hitmen operating from the deep web is rising, and so does the cases of murder across the country. While law enforcement agencies are busy pursuing real and imagined terrorists, professional hitmen are having a field play, killing hundreds of people for money. It is our duty to blow the whistle and direct police attention where it is most needed.

Top Hitmen

On an unusual troll on the deep web, I decided to look at sites offering top hitmen for murder services. Well, I had no intention of seeking their services. Nobody in my circle deserves such an unnatural death. In this regard, kindly note that this article is for informational purposes only and I’m not encouraging anyone to seek murder-for-hire services. However, I thought it would be good to look at this seemingly new and expanding industry where thousands of disgruntled people are turning to hire hitmen.

A quick search leads you to sites like Sicilian Hitmen operating from the deep web. They offer a range of premium services like arson, assault, murder, cheap guns, e.t.c. I was most interested in hitmen for hire and the site has hundreds of them. My next question was, why would anyone get to the point of paying to get someone killed? Is this the best method of seeking justice, or is it purely out of vengeance? Well, to me it sounds absurd. But wait until you see the kind of traffic getting to these sites. Hundreds of people are using the Tor browser to access the site. I’m not sure how many are doing it for informational purposes like myself. But I can get a good chunk of them are genuinely looking for their services. Have our justice systems failed? Don’t we have law enforcement agencies to handle such issues?

Like many people visiting the deep web, those accessing murder for hire sites are not looking for justice. They have their reasons to have someone somewhere dead for good. From people seeking to kill their managers, others looking to kill prosecutors, and even some looking to kill their wives or husbands. Well, the intent for such actions is a debate for another day. If you have already thought about the consequences of murder and decided it is time to go for it, then you can look for sites like Sicilian Hitmen or Chulhu Resume. I cannot advice you on what to expect after making the order but just remember to hide your identity using the Tor browser. And if possible never give any of your personal details, otherwise, you will spend the rest of your life in an isolated prison cell.

How to kill your wife

It’s really a crazy world. I have come across hordes of people seeking to get rid of the people they once loved to a fault. The reasons are many, from the desire to claim insurance payouts, the need to take full custody of the children, to the mere desire to get rid of the nagging wife. I’m not which of these reasons have led you here. But if you really wish to kill your wife, you should consider getting a divorce as the first option. The problem is that if the kids are below the adult age, you can be assured that the court will grant their full custody to your wife. This is where most people see murder as the best option since you will automatically get full custody for the children. But you need to be prepared to live with the guilt forever.

Taking someone’s life is not as easy as it sounds. If fact, don’t be surprised if suicide becomes your constant feeling afterwards. I’m not insinuating that killing someone is a good idea, but if you are really decided and you want to really kill her; then the next option might be hiring a professional contract killer. Looking for such person is not a walk in the park, otherwise, you could easily fall prey to an undercover cop and your next destination is prison. To avoid falling into a police trap, you can hire a contract killer online, in an anonymous way, from dark web, the internet of criminals where goods like drugs, guns, counterfeit items and stolen credit cards are available at small prices.

There are a number of sites offering murder for hire, like chulhu resume, hitman network, and Sicilian hitmen. Sicilian Hitmen seems to be the leading source of hired hitmen. Like the rest, it operates from the deep web and it is only accessible through the Tor browser. The charges range between $5000 and $20,000. If you look at their reviews, there is no doubt that they have skilled hitmen ready to handle all murder-for-hire services. But why would you pay several thousand bucks to commit murder? I believe no sane person would do that. There are many moral ways of terminating that nasty marriage. Like simply packing your belongings and hitting the frame. You can simply act like that person never existed. I mean, there is more to life than just being in a fulfilling marriage. I know it may not be an easy thing, but then again, life is more important. However, I have pointed to you some of the unethical ways of ending that relationship. The choice is yours, as are the consequences. Good luck!

How to kill someone and get away with it

Ever wondered about getting someone killed and avoid jail? It is very much possible. Wait, I;m not asking anyone to kill and expect to get away with it. You must be prepared to live with the consequences. Whether spending a lifetime in prison, in case you are nabbed, or living with the guilt forever. None of the two choices appears the better…right? Now, talking about killing someone and getting away with it does not necessarily mean bribing the prosecutors. Neither does it mean running away from justice. I’m talking about the new trend on the deep web where users can hire a hitman to kill a person. Given that the customer is unknown to the hitman, there are absolutely no chances of being caught.

Customers seeking these services only need to sign-up on the website and place their request, giving as much details as possible about the target. That may seem easier, especially if the person is well known to you. Once the money has been deposited in your personal wallet on the site, the hitman hits the road and the target is down in about a month or so. It is at this point that the money is released to the hitman. Given that there are many registered hitmen, there is some kind of competition for the next available order, and you can expect to have the job done in less than the stipulated time. All this time, the customer goes on with life, perhaps even traveling out of town to minimize any suspicion. The hitmen are well-trained and hardly leave any traces of evidence at the scene of crime. No wonder why you hear about murders on the streets with no available suspect or trail.

It is clear that the person authorizing and paying for the murder in this case gets away without being caught. In the unlikely event that the hitmen is nabbed, he cannot say who sent him since no personal details are shared between the customer and the hitman. Furthermore, customers use the Tor browser to access the site, thereby hiding their IP addresses. Payments are also made using bitcoins, a cryptocurrency whose transactions cannot be traced. Some of these sites are so rich that they can easily bail their ‘workers’ in court. So, before you think about it, the hitman is already on the next available mission. This seems to be the easiest way of getting away with murder. But note that even though you may use a hitman to get rid of your rival and avoid prison, the guilt will certainly haunt your conscience for life.

Hitmen on the Deep Web

While the deep web is famous for the availability of all sorts of illicit goods such as guns, drugs, counterfeit products and so on, you will be amazed to find that there are hundreds if not thousands of people offering hitmen-for-hire services. As the title suggests, these are people with real guns and ready to execute targets for money. The recent closure of Silk Road and Alphabay laid bare the kind of activities taking place in the deep web. Keep reading to know how realistic hitmen-for-hire services can be.

As a disclaimer, this article is for informational purposes only and does not, in any way, seek to promote hiring of hitmen to kill people. Walking across the dark alleys in the streets, you will find people selling drugs, and gang members offering to kill for money. But due to the sensitivity of the matter, not everyone will go out advertising for a job in killing another person. After all, nobody wants to be associated with murder, regardless of whether they authorized the killing. In search for anonymity, people seeking to hire hitmen are finding an easy route in the deep web. There is full anonymity since no personal details are shared with the hitman. Once registered on any of these sites, the customer only needs to provide the identification details of the target and leave the hitman to do the job.

And the cost is not that high, averaging between $5000 and $20,000 for killing an ordinary person. According to the site administrators, there are hitmen ready to get rid of that nagging ex-wife, rogue manager, unforgiving judge, or the naughty prosecutor. The list goes on and on. In fact, celebrities, top managers, and government officials are not spared either. For just $20,000, you can get a professional hitman to kill the person. Professional here means ex-military personnel with sniper rifles. You can even describe how you want the mission executed, from forced accidents, fatal shots in the streets, poisoning, and so on.

The story depicts the picture of a rotten society, with people seeking to kill and get away with it. The availability of trigger-happy criminals and websites minting millions of money per year have taken well-crafted murders and assassinations a notch higher. All this has been aided by an unresponsive law enforcement agency that simply rubs off these claims as malicious and untrue. However, the recent rise in the number of unexplained murders points to a real picture of legit hitmen ready to shoot at will. It is high time the FBI investigated the administrators of these sites and put them in jail before the next person succumbs to a hitman’s bullet.

Murder for Hire

Everyone must have heard about various services for hire such as car hire, hire a house, hire a manager, and so on. But, have you ever thought about hiring a person to kill another person for you? It is not fantasy because there are several sites operating on the deep web where you can pay someone to kill your foe or arch-rival. No matter how unrealistic it may sound, there are various sites on the Internet offering murder for hire services.

When doing research on this subject, I was surprised to come across professional murder for hire hitmen who have registered on various sites and charging an average of $10,000 to kill someone. I decided to give it a try and was asked to register on one of the sites going by the name Russian Mafia. Immediately after placing my request, a hitman was on standby and asked for the identification details for my target. The guy would be murdered in less than a month. While many sites may be scams as they ask for upfront payments, I was assured that I would only release the payment after the job had been done. I only needed to deposit bitcoins worth $10,000 to my personal wallet on the site, which is supported by an escrow service. So, there is no chance of losing the money to a hitman who does not do the job.

To make matters worse, these are not the usual gang members that one can hire on the streets to either assault someone or destroy their property; here are legit hitmen with ready guns and waiting for the next request. No wonder the rising cases of killings on the streets without any trace to the killer. You can hardly go a month without coming across a case where a person was just shot in the car or at their home and no links are made to the murder. Now, you have the answer, there are real hitmen offering murder for hire services and these sites have networks across the country, meaning that the hitman does not have to travel from another state.

This is a worrying trend that seems to have evaded police attention for far too long. Murder is an unforgivable crime and people seeking these services are only funding a grave crime and even though they do not kill by their hands, they are no better than the hitman who pulls that trigger. Whether it is a case of delayed justice or emotional stress, paying to have someone killed does not solve the problem, there are many avenues that one can pursue and get justice. I won’t advice anyone to seek these services, I just want you to know that the deep web seems to have solution to all problems, including those seeking murder for hire services.

How to Hire a Hitman

Firstly, let me make it clear that this article is not meant to encourage anyone to murder. Killing of an innocent person is not only unethical, but also immoral and illegal. However, research on the deep web reveals that there are various sites offering hitmen for hire. It may sound unreal but the truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of professional killers, some may be gang members from the streets, but there are also hordes of ex-police and former military personnel offering to kill for just a few thousand dollars.

So, how does it go? Well, you only need to sign-up on the various sites in the deep web and hire a hitman. Given that almost all of the sites offering hitmen for hire operate from within the deep web, users need to use the Tor browser to access the sites. You will be amazed to find that the black market on the Internet does not just provide cheap guns, drugs, and other illicit drugs. You can actually come across a hitman for hire who will nail your target for just a few thousand bucks.

Despite numerous crackdowns by law enforcement agencies such as the recent case with Silk Road, there are sites such as the Russian Mafia that have registered hitmen waiting to pull that trigger for nothing but money. Once you have loaded the Tor browser, you can sign-up on one of these sites and talk directly with the nearest available hitman. Yes, these sites have hitmen in almost all states. Some even offer to execute targets in foreign countries, but of course, at a higher price. The mode of payment is the bitcoin since the transactions are secure and discreet. The next step involves giving the hitman the identification details for the target. This may include some photos, location, place of work, popular leisure joints, e.t.c. Since the sites use an escrow service, the money will be released to the hitman only after the job has been done. The preparation and execution of the target person may take between two weeks to a month.

The cost of hiring a hitman varies depending on the unique circumstances of the job. For instance, some targets may take a little while to locate. Yet, others may have bodyguards, requiring the use of more professional hitmen. However, you can expect to pay between $5000 and $30,000. The killing of high-value targets may cost in excess of $80,000. People in this category may include celebrities, government officials, lawyers, prosecutors, or high-ranking business managers.

Once again, may aim is not to incite anyone to murder, but just to make it known that there are hundreds of sites offering hitmen-for-hire services. While some may be dismissed as scams, there are legit sites that actually execute targets as per the client’s specifications. It is time that the police face these sites with the seriousness that they deserve.

Hitmen for hire sites exposed, how to fight them.

There are several Hitmen-for-Hire sites on the Internet, and most of them, like hire-a-killer .com, are definitely fake. They normally ask for credit card details. Who would pay a killer using a credit card without risking to expose his/her information to some unknown site?

Others are real and charge between $5000 to $200 000 for murder depending on target and unique circumstances of the job .

The is a dangerous marketplace that can be accessed with the Tor Browser at http://lembprdcizxtftpa.onion  . This is a special onion address accessible only through the Tor Browser. It doesn’t work with other browsers.

Those who don’t have the Tor Browser can access the site via a proxy such as , this can be accessed with any browser

Anyone who wishes to access sites on deep web should use the Tor Browser.

The site use invitation code to allow only access from customers that are reffered by other happy customers. We got an invitation code from a customer however we don’t know how long it will work JDK329

This article is for informational purposes only, we do not encourage anyone to hire their services. In fact we are fighting all such hitmen-for-hire sites, and we are exposing them to media with the goal of raising concern and  get them closed down.

While many believe that hiring of professional hitmen takes place only in the movies, the reality is that real sites offering such services are scattered across the deep web.

Customers and registered hitmen hide their IP while accessing such sites and all payments are done using Bitcoin, a digital currency whose transactions are extremely hard to track.

After Silk Road made millions of dollars in 2013 by providing drug dealers with a way to sell their drugs online, many mafia organizations created sites on Deep Web to offer various services, including drugs, guns, counterfeit currency, and fake ids, as well as real body harm services.

These sites are difficult to close by the FBI and law enforcement because their servers are hosted offshore and customers access them while hiding the IP addresses. Many sites maintain a low profile and operate in complete secrecy. Advertisement is done through word of mouth and referrals from former customers. Thus, the sites get a steady flow of customers without relying on the search engines to index them. This is why we are determined to expose the sites here and attract the attention of the law enforcement agencies.

Customers do not give their real names, addresses or credit card details when ordering for drugs, guns or murder online. Instead, they use Bitcoin as the form of payment because bitcoin is stored in digital wallets that are not tied to any personal information. After sending the bitcoins to a different wallet, the money can be used to purchase all sorts of goods and services with the advantage of full anonymity.

Bitcoin is a curency that allows escrow transactions, meaning that the receiver cannot use the funds until the job is done.

Apart of the customers, hitmen from all over the world sign-up to provide services, getting 80% of the price paid by customers, while the site administrators retain 20% commission for administrative costs.

The hitmen sites should be closed down by the FBI with immediate effect.

What Many Do to Try to Get Ahead, Especially in Politics

The Hitmen Network is a dark web website where people can hire hitmen to execute murders.

The site seems to be down at the moment, but there are other hitmen network sites that are unfortunately up, such as C’thulhu Resume and the Sicilian Hitmen .

Currently, C’thulhu Resume appears to b the high-end hitman-for-hire marketplace with customers paying up to $30,000 to have the job done. Other sites such as Sicilian Hitmen occupy the bottom niche, charging customers as low as $5000 for the job. This trend demonstrates the determination by these sites to outdo each other, of course, at the expense of people’s lives.

To avoid being arrested, customers on these sites never provide details about themselves, and they never pay using cash or credit cards. Rather, payment is always done with Bitcoin, through an escrow service. The escrow acts as a middle man between the customer and the hitman, ensuring that neither party rip off the other. Sicilian Hitmen, like many other sites,  has a built-in escrow system that is meant to  protect both the customers and the hitmen .

Most American films and television have murders and hitmen, but in reality the hitmen are not as fancy as in the movies. It does not matter what country a person is talking about, there are always people willing to hire an assassin to get rid of a rival, be it in business, family, or government.

There are literally thousands of instances throughout history where someone went to hire an assassin to kill their political rival so that they could be king, emperor, prime minister, a senator, or other government official. This happened in the Roman Empire all the time, and there is even a pretty credible belief that it has been done by men who wanted to be Pope. For real! There are popes that had people assassinated. Doesn’t sound very holy,  does it?

The murder-for-hire route is one that so many find as the perfect alternative. They don’t want to wait around for the position to open to them, and the most sensible thing seems to be, at least to them, to kill off the person who is standing in their way so that they can take the position they feel they deserve.

Think about it for a minute. This is how Julius Caesar, as well as many other Roman emperors died. This is how kings throughout Europe’s history lost their throne. In some cases, the military establishment even killed a ruler because they viewed him as incompetent or dangerous. This happened to the Emperor Nero, and many believe it has happened in China’s history. It is the solution that seems to solve the problem.

Of course, the person who hatches the murder-for-hire plot is going on the assumption that the people will like them in power more than the one that they had killed. That sometimes proves to be a faulty assumption. It is also likely that if someone employs this tactic to gain power for themselves, then someone else might use that same idea against them. And the cycle continues.

If the government does not take stringent steps to close down these sites, we will soon have a society where unexplained killings are the norm. The establishment of more sites each day means that the price is drastically coming down, making the vice affordable to all classes of people.

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